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Why Do The Broncos Seldom Use Or Have Success Using The Screen Pass?

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    Nothing tricky about a screen play fellas. Just a limited number of uses throughout the season so as not to become predictable and have it show up on a lot of film.

    Seems to me a few seasons ago the Broncos went into Indy and used the screen very effectively to beat the Colts.

    It is a good remedy for fast defensive lines.
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        Well, I'd argue to the post of not saving plays for the playoffs.

        If Shanny & co. come up with a play, and it is a huge success, they may not run it again until the playoffs.

        ie. anderson's 66yarder. You don't think that'll get saved for when it counts?

        I'm sure there are more from earlier in the year, but I can't remember them. think maybe other teams have also forgotten them?

        And I'm sorry, but there is NO way a team can watch an entire 16 game set of plays of a team. A playoff team will look at certain games, where maybe they play relatively the same d/o as an opponent.

        I imagine come playoff time, denver will pull out more and more plays that ya'll haven't seen for awhile.......
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