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Monday nights game.

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  • Monday nights game.

    I have watched the NFL for nearly forty years and I have searched the NFL Rule book and I can't convince myself that the "safety" was indeed a safety Monday night.

    The ball was intended to be hiked through the endzone, which would have been a safety, however, the ball hit the upright and fell into the endzone where it was picked up (recovered) by a Bronco.

    Why isn't this a Denver touchdown?

    The upright can't be out of bounds because fieldgoals and extra points hit the upright all the time and they are not out of bounds.

    If the upright is part of the field just like a referee, or umpire, then the ball should still be in play in the endzone after hitting the upright.

    I appreciate in advance the responses.
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    Very interesting observation. The point is moot now, but I too would be curious as to the official ruling on that. What you say makes sense gangreene. If a pass bounces off the upright and is caught it is still a completion. Seems to me it should have been a fumbled snap.
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      The rule is that once a ball hits a goal post, the ball is dead. Whether this is a kick or a punt or a pass the ball is dead once it touches the goal post. This can be found in the NFL rule book under the plays from scrimmage section. On a kick, the ball can hit the post and pass through and be good. However on any type of play, if it hits the post and bounces back into the field of play, the ball is ruled dead.

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        Learn something new everyday


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          That was a great Monday night game!

          even if we didn't win after taking the safety that was a game worth staying up for. and i think alot of fans are jumping all over Mike Shanahan when he really did a excellent job of bringing a game plan that should have worked. i'm thankful it didn't but he should be hearing about all the things he did right and support for his decissions because if the Patriots didn't come back to get some big plays and score, you would been gloating all week.

          and i've got to ask" Doesn't Tom Brady remind you of some qb that played for you guys a few years ago?" i think he does, the why he plays the game when the pressure is on, 2 mins. or less left in the game hes not fast on his feet but he doesn't have bad foot work either. plus 6-0 in overtime, NFL best ever. and its only his third year.

          there's still 7 games left, anything could happen, that's why its the NFL!


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            Monday nights game.

            I think it is time to put the blame for the loss where it should be, I have followed the Broncos since there startup and I have been watching coach Shanahan closely. He rarely makes a mistake but I think he did this time. Less than 3 minutes to go and the Broncos are up by 3. Two pass plays were called stoping the clock by incompletions and saving there time outs. Only 6 yards was needed for a first down and I think if he would have called two running plays the outcome would have been different. They would have had to use there timeouts to stop the clock even if the first down wasnt made which I beleive there was a very good chance it could have been made with 3d and 4th down handoffs to Clinton. Instead we punt the ball back to them from the 32 yard line and they have 2 time outs and the 2 minute warning. I think that is where the mistake was made.


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              It really was a fun game to watch. It seemed that both teams played hard thoughout the whole game. Both teams made mistakes, and the last team to make them lost the game.
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                NE played a good game and deserved to win. Now, comparing Tom Brady to Elway I think is ridiculous, Brady is a good QB, no doubt about that, but your saying hes one of the best to ever play after 3 average seasons?
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                  After beating the Raiders for a Super Bowl berth two years ago, I will forever respect the Patriots (and that was Tom Brady!).

                  I still remember Brady running into the end zone for the TD, spiking the ball, and then falling flat on his face in the snow! Now, THAT was funny!!
                  Thanks for the memories, John. We will always remember you.

                  You look great in Canton! Perhaps I'll get to see you some day...


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                    It was a great game. I was and still am a little bit mad but I will get over it after we kill the Chargers. Patriots played a great game and so did the Broncos both teams made mistakes. And NO, there is no way you can compare Brady and Elway. Brady is good but not as great as Elways was.