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  • I'm New Here!

    I just joined this site today. I have been in other message boards before.( I've been a Broncos fan for 10 yrs. I collect John Elway cards. I dont get to see a whole lot of games since I live in Pennsylvania. They broadcast the freaking Ravens, Steelers, and that idiot McNabb and the Eagle's. I watch more college football than I do NFL. I watch every FSU game. Some of my favorite Broncos have been TD, Elway, Romanowski (now I hate him since he's a Raider), Sharpe, Portis(unless he becomes a Redskin), my current favorite Bronco is Plummer. There has been some rumors that the Broncos will try to sign Terrell Owens which would be AWSOME!

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    You can hear games on 850koa online. I live in maine and thats how I follow games that arent televised.