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    Originally posted by Ravage!!!
    Ouch. But can't you take that jersey to a seamstress and have the name Changed to Bell?? Wouldn't cost you very much to do, and would give you a jersey that is of a player of Now.... and give you a chance to sell it (if you wished to) and get some value for that 200 bucks.
    Sure, I could. But like I said, what if they trade Bell away next year?

    Besides, Portis was ROY in that Jersey, and it's still something to be proud of.

    Just glad I didnt spring for the Pro Bowl one. Gonna do that for Rod this year though!


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      I'd still cheer for Rod Smith if he went to another team. The only thing I think it affects team wise is their legacy. It makes it harder for players to make the Ring of Fame and stuff.


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        I think Sharpe put an excellent ending on it all when he came back to retire in Denver. Granted it would've been better if he would've stilled played here, but at least he officially went out a Bronco. Those that go off to other teams and retire just seem to have an inappropriate ending.
        Rod Smith is the biggest example of that one, not only the fact that he wouldn't be a Bronco if he left but also the fact that it wouldn't be the same for him when he retired. Fans elsewhere wouldn't care that Rod Smith was, at times, a pure example of the heart and soul of the Broncos. I think that's what truly gets lost when people start switching teams - people lose track of those things that don't go on a stat sheet somewhere. Rod Smith has brought me many years of great Bronco football and I'll probably get watery eyed as his last game comes to a close... and it'd be a damn shame if someone like him were to go elsewhere and other fans didn't realize the impact he has had, more than just his stats.

        To sum it all up, the things some of these players do are so much more than stats, winning %, etc. and that gets lost on fans who don't realize any more than they've picked up a free agent from another team.


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          My feelings toward a player that leaves the Broncos is dependant upon why he left.

          If it was a search for a few more bucks, on a cerebral level I can understand his motivation (his earning lifetime in the NFL is short) but on an emotional, gut level he loses a little something in my opinion of him.

          If the organization was trying to put him out to pasture in the belief that he either couldn't play or wasn't worth the money. My respect for him actually increases. I think highly of players with a high degree of love for the game.


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            Atwater playing for the Jets didn't bother me as much as Sharpe going over to Baltimore. Mostly because I think Ray Lewis is a thug and I couldn't stand to hear Sharpe defending him. Atwater also signed a short contract to retire as a Bronco.
            Where does the abuse of end? Where?