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The Bolts vow to the Broncos!!!!

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    I would just like to know where SD_Boltz and LightingBolt are.
    John 11: 25-27

    My Adopt-A-Bronco is D.J. Williams

    Thanks Snk16


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      Let me tell you I was scared to death the Broncos facing the Chargers next week with a playoff berth on the line for the Chargers and a division title up for grabs. Chargers,you guys had a heck of a tough schedule and at the very least you should be in the playoffs rather than the Skins or the Cowboys in the AFC. As Cris Carter said on Inside the NFL this week ,the NFL should be petitioned to allow 2 more AFC wild cards and no wild cards for the NFC. The Chargers would be a secondor third seed in the NFC.While not as good as the Seahawks they are at least as good as the Chicag Bears(there'sno O in Chicago) or the up and down Giants(with an erratic Eli Manning) or the Panthers.
      Don't Dream It Be It !

      Denver Broncos on to Super Bowl XL

      Tony Dungy, You and your family are in our prayers. My sincerest condolences


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        Originally posted by TXBRONC
        I would just like to know where SD_Boltz and LightingBolt are.
        Most likely wallowing in the misery that has become the Boltz' season.

        This one's for you guys (super_boltz & LighningBolt)

        [SIZE=1][B]Adopted Bronco:Kenard Lang


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          Originally posted by Sanluisboltfan
          Congrats denver, you guys have had a great season so far! Good luck in the playoffs!

          Thanks man, you guys are the best team I've seen in awhile to not make the postseason. Better luck next year bros'. Just not as good as ours.....


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            It will be the doltz Super bowl next week.

            Any one want to guess who if anyone gets rested.?