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Resting our starters (merged thread)

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    Play them for 3 quarters, and then rest them. 2 weeks is too long to rest and will make the players get rusty in our offense which is based on rythym (spell)


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      Play'em at least one quarter if not the first half. I agree, two weels off is just to much IMO. We have never had any luck with resting starters after we lock up a playoff spot, always losing the first playoff game.


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        Originally posted by Snk16
        Play them for 3 quarters, and then rest them. 2 weeks is too long to rest and will make the players get rusty in our offense which is based on rythym (spell)
        You are 100% correct!

        I hope Shanny has learned his lessons from the past. We get the bye week, so we don't need to rest players early.

        By the way, it's rhythm.


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          Originally posted by TXBRONC
          The starters will be in the game for at least a half, but I don't see them being in there any longer than that.
          I agree, tx....

 fact, I'd go so far as to say maybe the first series of the 3rd qtr.
          THEN, let Bvp and the boys get some action.

          Shanny, himself, even said that because of the bye, there may not be much resting of starters....

          ...guess we'll see.
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            Ok i was thinking, Ron dayne plays the whole game with tatum ,mike sits out to rest to rest the ankle, Rod sits let, devoe ,ashley, and adams play to get experience, jake plays the first half, champ sits, along with al wilson he seems to be getting hurts alot.


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              When it comes to the injured players, whether it be minor or not, such as Mike Anderson and Champ Bailey, as examples, you sit those guys. I don't care if there is a possibility of them being rusty for Mid-January, you don't risk those types of players re-injuring themselves for a meaningless game. You rest those starters.

              For our starting offensive players, I would say play them at least 1 half. Maybe 2 and a half quarters. Now remember what happened in 2003 when we had nothing to play for in the season finale game in Green Bay, when we started Jarious Jackson. Many predicted Denver to upset Indy in the RCA Dome, before and after the Green Bay game, and look what happened. Absolutely no momentum, no rhythm, and no confidence after sitting every offensive and defensive starter for that game. No reps, and no snaps at all. Denver obviously looked a little rusty from the get go against Indy in the Wild Card Round.

              As for the defensive starters, unlike the offense, there is no "rhythm", so the rules that apply for an offense isn't exactly the same for a defense. Nonetheless, I would play my defensive starters for at least a good portion of the game. You don't want ANYBODY rusty.

              I don't want to see every starting veteran for the Broncos on the sideline joking with each other in street clothes during the season finale, similiar to the 2003 finale situation vs. Green Bay.
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