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Crazy thought: Droughns/Griffin/Galloway = RB by committee?

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    Originally posted by bronx_2003
    this is what i have been saying all along!!!!!
    Exactly I have said that in a couple other threads also.LOL.


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      Originally posted by PortisIsAStud26
      no no no...buckhalter...griffin...and our draft pick...galloway is horrible....buckhalter has experience with running back commitee
      How can you say that Galloway is horrible? He would've been a day one pick if he hadn't have torn his knee up, but it's said that he's made a full recovery. Plus, no one has seen him play one down for Denver. I don't like idea of starting a tailback with a bad knee though. I do like Cecil Sapp though. He was a stud in college and he runs HARD between the tackles. Reminds me of TD a bit actually. Plus, he's got TWO good knees and he has the body type that can take some hits. I say give him a shot.