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Would Kubiak make a good HC for Texans?

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    Originally posted by Jrhampton
    Is he the brains behind DEN's O he just administers it. Make a call and relays it to Mikey. How much of the O is his vs Mikey and Alex? I'd venture to guess not much.

    He might or might not be good enough to call all the shots it certainly remains to be seen.
    Jr, while Shanahan is most definitely the innovator of our offense, Kubiak has been here how long? Hasn't he been Shanahan's OC since Shanahan got here? If so, we are looking at roughly ten years to learn the system that Mikey employs.

    I would think, that someone with Kube's intelligence, could after so many years, get a grasp of the offense. It has been said that Kube knows our offense inside and out. Him and Shanahan have been working together for so long, that I tend to believe that Kube would know what he is doing offensively.

    Now the question remains whether or not he could lead a franchise, but I for one believe that he could, as long as he hires good coaches to work along with him.
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