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For those of you wondering about Clarett(combined)

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  • For those of you wondering about Clarett(combined)
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    Clarett in Trouble

    I didn't catch the whole story and if someone knows better correct me, but ESPN reported that Clarett "allegedly" is wanted after he held someone up at gunpoint and stole their cell phone, then drove off in a white SUV.

    It's too bad, the kid could have turned it around...Even a career in the CFL, Europe or the Arena League is better than 5-8 years in the state penn.


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      Such a sterling character. so glad he is not on the Broncos!
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        WANTED - Maurice Clarett

        Maurice Clarett wanted by police
        By Kathy Lynn Gray
        The Columbus Dispatch
        Sunday, January 1, 2006 10:01 AM
        Former Ohio State football star Maurice Clarett is a wanted man today.

        Columbus Police said Clarett, 22, and two other men attempted to rob two people very early this morning outside of a S. High Street bar, the Opium Lounge. Clarett approached two people and demanded property from them. Either Clarett or the other men with him had a handgun, police reported.

        After the 1:46 a.m. incident, Clarett and the two men sped away in a white SUV.

        Police are searching for Clarett and the two men and have charged Clarett with two counts of aggravated robbery.

        Police said the two victims were not injured. It is unclear if the victims had anything taken.
        Sad to see the guy reduced to this.
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          What a waste of potential.

          Robbing people.... wow...

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            how sad. i hope this is a mistake.


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              Originally posted by BioCore

              Sad to see the guy reduced to this.

              Since i live right on the ohio/michigan line and am a huge buckeyes fan i was so excited when the broncos selected him. Since then it has been a huge disappointment how he has wasted his talent. Guy could make people miss or run you over, he had tons of heart, playing hurt, dragging guys into the endzone. What a waste.


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                When he gets out, I'm sure the Faiders will be intrested in him.
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                  wow, waste

                  wow, waste of draft pick, we could have gotten a lot of players with potential .


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                    Guess McDonalds didn't pay as well as he hoped.
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                      One messed up kid - sad really.


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                        I Told You This Kid Was Trash !!


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                          Originally posted by jasee28
                          how sad. i hope this is a mistake.

                          No mistake in the report, ESPN's Chirs Mortenson had a piece of this during NFL Countdown. Apparently the Police Chief of whereever this occured issued a statement for Maurice to turn himself in.

                          What a joke of a human being. Shanahan gets dogged for taking a chance on this guy and he blows a ONCE in a life time chance. He's so far in debt he reduced himself to robbery


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                            Maruice Clarrett -

                            i heard something today and cought the tail end f othe coversation that he is wanted by the police? .. i didn thear what for but if anyone has details i would like to hear... and yes i knwo he has nothing to do with anything but i was curious
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                              If you just look down the GD page, you'll see a thread about it already.

                              Didnt you even look?