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For those of you wondering about Clarett(combined)

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    Unfortunatley clarrett has stooped so low but then someone who wants to be in the NFL yet whines and complains so much and doesn't want to work to make his dream come true, What more do you expct he wanted it for free in denver of course he wants it for free elsewhere.
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      Originally posted by dannyrbrown
      ??? Am I reading this right? Mo-Clo hasn't been with the team since August! What he does in his own personal life should bring shame to him and to his family, but how does it give us a black eye???
      Shanny said that he thought it was safe to pick him up because he said he had turned around, and Clarret showed that he hadn't. So it gives raider fans a chance to mock Shanny. Don't know if you agree or not but just thought I'd clarify.
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        clarrett has turned himself in to police.


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          Originally posted by watchthemiddle

          clarrett has turned himself in to police.

          Before the incident, Clarett was negotiating a deal with an NFL team, Josh Luchs, one of Clarett's agents, told ESPN The Magazine's Tom Friend. Clarett was expected to be allocated to NFL Europe if he signed, Friend reported.

          I really find this part hard to believe!

          After all the rumors that swirled around him after his departure, I cant see anyone really taking a chance on this guy. Not even to send him to the NFLE. Of course, rumors are just that, but..............

          Not suprised to see him turn himself in. I mean the kid has to be pretty well known in Columbus. I'd imagine he wanted a reward before someone else claimed it!

          If this whole story really turns out to be true, what a shame!! This kid obviously had talent. But he just threw every opportunity away. Kinda think it is though. His attitude was worse the Terrel Owens'. ME, me, me seemed to be all he could think about.

          Well, he's not the first 'woulda coulda shoulda' we've seen. Probably not the last either.


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            Hi, Denver Broncos fans! Maurice Clarette Turns Himself In To Police; this link courtesy of the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch:

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              I wonder what his good friend Jim Brown has to say about this??? Man that was a wasted pick
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                I honestly cant say im surprised. I thought this dude had Lawrence Phillips wrighten all over him after his flase report debactle.

                Travis Henry, single handedly taking the class out of our organization.

                Bowlen, you gutless drunk!


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                  Well,at the age of 22,,he still has time to turn his life around,perhaps get a last shot at football or something..Sad really!