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Give Putzier some credit please...!

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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Jeb's a great TE. He could one day be as good as Shockey. He can be a threat for us. Much more emphasis on TEs this year. I'm thrilled he's on our Team. And someone mentioned he remonds you of Eddie Mac? Deja' vu??
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      Originally posted by jtomasik
      Maybe you mean my post? I wasn't bashing the guy. I was just saying that Duke seemed to be in on some key plays, and maybe the Broncos might use that to their benefit. Also, I was wondering about the abilities of Duke, not Putzier.

      I do wonder why Putzier has taken some really violent hits. They showed a few "highlights" of the hits he's received. It makes me wonder why.

      Jeb must have hit on their girlfriends or something.

      In reality, he goes over the middle alot, and another thing I noticed is that he usually doesn't put his head down when meeting a defender. A select few were the result of bad passes from Jake too.