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Confirmed: Kubiak to be interviewed for Houston job

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    Don't forget GB and StL

    Seems the article in RM News said someone else besides Houston contacted Shannahan, but Shannahan wouldn't say who.

    I think Green Bay would be an excellent opportunity. Favre is at the end of his career, and they need a coach to bring Rogers along. Kubes was Seiferts QB coach in SF with Steve Young, and being O coordinator with Shannahan helps.

    Also St. Louis has a West Coast style offense that Kubes is used to.

    I believe he would be a good fit for either of those teams. I think he might struggle in Houston. He would need time to get the players assembled to run his type of offense (Shannahan, Seifert, Walsh West Coast). St. Louis and Green Bay just need a little tweeking.

    I hope there is something in his contract that would prevent him from going to KC.
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