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    1 of only 3 people in NFL history to have 70+ catches for 8 yrs in a row, 2 sb ring, 800 receptions, 10,000 yds not to mention i dont think he is done yet, why would he be with the stats he put up this year, if he is not first ballot when he hangs them up its just flat out wrong.....he will definitly get in, weather its first time or not could be in question


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      Originally posted by PatrickdaDookie
      It comes down to this:

      Smith has two ways of making the Hall of Fame.

      1) Another 80 catch/1,000 yard season and 1-2 more productive seasons with at least 500 yards.

      2) Smith and the Broncos win another Super Bowl.

      I think that's about right.

      If he has another 2,000 or so yards that will get him real close to the top 10 all times in yards receiving (in flux because Harrison, J. Smith, and Isaac Bruce are 10, 11, and 12th).

      Another 150-160 catches should put him at roughly him in the top 7 or 8 in receptions. Within the next two years he should pass Sharpe, Largend, Fryar, Monk and Reed to name a few.

      He has topped 1,000 yards 8 of his last 9 seasons.

      He is the first undrafted free agent to crack 10,000 yards (I think this will be a plus for him)

      Over the 10 years he and TO have been starting, he is neck and neck with him in yards and receptions, with TO having the edge in TD's (mostly because Denver rushes for TD's).
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        No doubt

        For sure he will be in the HOF. Undrafted putting up those numbers is not gonna happen unles your name is Rod Smith. He is also very consident. He has had a 113 catch year too so he will go in first year possible.


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          Im not sure that anyone coming after Jerry Rice will be discussed much for the HOF. However, Rod Smith is a HOFer in my book already.


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            I am almost positive he will be a HOFer. not first ballot though. He has put up much better numbers than many HOF receivers, and considering he was undrafted out of a D-2 school, and is on a RUN FIRST team!!! I truly beleive he will end up in eventually.....
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              So much of it is politics, but when you consider that he has set many records for an undrafted FA, has two SB rings and played with Elway (who's already in the HOF), he should have a decent shot.


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                The more Seasons he plays, should he win another Championship, the more records he gets will also help his cause.
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                  Here is the thing it is the Hall Of Fame, not the very good, or the very good. If you have to ask, or make a case for a player he DOES NOT belong in the Hall of Fame. It is an honor, reserved for the elite players in the game. to quote Top Gun, "The Best of the Best". While Rod Smith is one of my favorite Broncos, of all time and with out doubt be in the Ring of Fame at Investco, at this point I don't see him in the Elite receviers in the history of the game
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                    smith is also one of the if not the best blocking WR in the NFL. I wouldnt be suprised if our run game is hurt when he leaves.


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                      Year To Retire

                      Rod will be fine if he retires in a good year, this year Rice and Tim Brown retired, I'm not sure about the timing I think Brown will be available a year earlier than the people who retire after the season, but Rice retired just at the Start of the season. Does anyone know the eligibility on this? Also Deion Sanders is expected to officially call it good and so will Jerome Bettis, if Curtis Martin or Marshall Faulk hit it then that will be a couple of possible choices, then you think if Farve calls it quits, then this may not be a good year to retire for Rod. I do believe he'll make the HOF but for some reason he'll be overlooked as has been true most of his career, but waiting a year or 2 may give him a better chance. A Super Bowl MVP would be a good edition to a resume however.


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                        The sad thing is, Denver is one of only 7 or 8 teams to win back to back super bowls, yet only has one guy in the hall. Sharpe will make it two. That is the lowest amount of Hall of Famers on any back to back superbowl teams.

                        I do not expect Davis to make it. I do not expect Zimmerman to get in, although he has been close. I wish Atwater would make it, but he just doesn't have the votes. Elam probably won't make it (too tough for kickers) and Nalen is at best a toss-up. With all this considered, Denver probably has another spot for Rod Smith, should he win another Super Bowl or should his stats increase over the next few seasons. In an era of increased passing and inflated receiving numbers, he'll need to stand out. His numbers are barely better than McCardell and are behind Jimmy Smith (though he has played less seasons). Harrison and Holt blow Smith out of the water stat-wise. Cris Carter had like 40 more TDs than Rod.

                        But if Rod has 2 super bowl rings for an underappreciated franchise, top 10 receptions, top ten receiving yards, and a known team leader who sacrifices for the good of the team, then he could make it.

                        I know Rod Smith doesn't care about stats and will throw stats out the window in favor of wins. But I also have heard him state he wants to be one of those guys who is remembered when he is gone. There is no better way for that to happen than to make the Hall of Fame. That's why I believe Rod Smith will continue playing for 2-3 more seasons. He'll need the stats to stand a chance.

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                          I think Rod has the numbers to back up entry to the HOF. However, if he doesn't, it will be for one reason only -- he doesn't show off, he doesn't run his mouth, he doesn't draw attention to himself, and he doesn't do the end zone look-at-me's that get on SportsCenter. Unfortunately, in the TV highlight age, being classy and playing great football usually aren't enough anymore. Besides, if a cokehead like Michael Irvin can possibly get in, maybe Rod has TOO MUCH class to be chosen.