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NE vs. DEN game analysis article

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  • NE vs. DEN game analysis article

    Just wanted to share this analysis I read on a fantasy football website:

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    Could you cut-n-paste them? The site won't give me access


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      sorry, does this work?:
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        My adopted Bronco is Chris Kuper. Huzzah!

        I am the raid leader for this World of Warcraft guild. Yay us!


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          ok one last try

          sorry! It might be b/c there is a membership fee on this website, I'm not sure. I think the 2nd one works:

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            They don't work. Just copy and paste it in a post.

            My adopted Bronco is Chris Kuper. Huzzah!

            I am the raid leader for this World of Warcraft guild. Yay us!


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              Game analysis article found on fantasy website

              AFC Divisional Playoffs: New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos
              Contributed By: Erik Valenta

              Game Time
              Saturday, January 14, 2006, 8 p.m. CBS

              Daytime High of 60 degrees with an overnight low of 39 degrees and 0% chance of precipitation.

              Denver -3 as of January 9, 2006

              New England
              Season 10-6, Road 5-3, AFC 7-5, Regular season against playoff teams 2-3
              Season 13-3, Home 8-0, AFC 10-2 Regular season against playoff teams 3-1

              Last Meeting
              Week 6
              Patriots 20 Broncos 28

              The return to Denver will be an exciting game not only for Patriots fans but also for NFL fans. The New England Patriots were the only home team during Wild Card Weekend to win. All the other teams went down and down hard. The Patriots are looking like the team that has won the Super Bowl two years in a row not the team the Broncos faced in week 6. They handily dismissed the Jaguars from the playoffs by exerting their defensive will. If the Patriots wish to continue they will have to play better than they did in Week 6. In the first matchup the Patriots’ Defense allowed 178 yards rushing and 254 yards passing. The Broncos on the other hand are coming off of a Bye Week and are the most underrated team in the playoffs this season. The Broncos have quietly won their division with a consistent passing attack, three great running backs and a defense that most analysts undervalued. Shanahan was thought to have lost touch with his team when he drafted Maurice Clarett to end day one of the 2005 Draft, but he has proved his critics wrong. Shanahan coached the Broncos to their first division crown for the first time since 1998 and to second place in the conference. The Patriots and Broncos will present a challenge to each other.

              In their first meeting the Patriots were injured and were missing several key players. The return of Tedy Bruschi and Corey Dillon should help this team. Tedy Bruschi is the heart and soul of this defense. Since his return the Patriots defense has been a defense on a mission limiting teams to 17.4 average points per game. Prior to his return the Patriots were giving up 27.3 average points per game. That is nearly 10 points a game. A Bruschi led defense should also limit the yardage gained by the Denver rushing attack. In the final 10 games of the season the Patriots allowed 82.8 average rushing yards. In the first six pre-Bruschi games the Patriots allowed 125.33 average rushing yards. Guess what? The Patriots are playing like a team on a mission and that mission may be another Super Bowl.

              In last weeks Wild Card contest the Patriots held the Jaguars to a total of 292 yards. The running game was nonexistent as well as the passing game. The Patriots have the ability to make opposing offenses bend to their will. The Jacksonville running backs were limited to 53 total rushing cards in the first week of the playoffs. Without an effective rushing attack the Patriots were able to focus on the injured Jacksonville quarterback Byron Leftwich. Leftwich showed glimmers of possibilities for the Jags but left the fans wanting more. One alarming statistic was the inability of the Jags to convert on third downs. The Patriots only allowed the Jags to convert 1 third down out of 12 attempts. On the other side of the ball, Brady was in high gear for the playoffs. Earning his 10th playoff win, Brady showed why he is the leader of this team. While Brady’s completions were not that impressive 15 of 27, for 201 yards it was his ability to get it into the endzone three times that was the key to the game. In a game of control the Patriots offense showed why they are on a dominating run and are a team to be feared in the playoffs.

              Denver on the other hand is the forgotten team. With so much hype lumped on the Colts, Steelers and aforementioned Patriots, no one has given the Broncos credit for their remarkable season. Finishing with the 5th ranked defense and 15th ranked defense the Broncos were able to put up an amazing 13-3 record. The Broncos won the division on the strength of their running game. The Bronco’s averaged 158.7 yards per game this season. With three quality backs in Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell and the forgotten Ron Dayne, the Broncos could test the much improved Patriots’ defense. The X-factor in the Denver offense is Jake Plummer. Plummer can be solid or he can be horrible. What has made the Broncos effective this season has been Jake Plummer’s play making. He has had one of the most consistent seasons of his career. Plummer has limited his turnovers and improved his rating to over 90 this season. He did this by completing 60.7% of his passes for 3,366 yards, 18 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. This is Jake’s second best year in his career not only in the NFL but with the Broncos. While Jake Plummer has improved on offense the Broncos’ defense has been the surprise of the season. After the Broncos acquired the Cleveland Browns’ defensive line, most speculated troubles for the team. Surprise! They have performed better than expected. While they may be ranked 15th in total defense, they do not allow points. Where they get tough is inside the 20’s. The Broncos have only allowed 16.1 points per game. That is forth best in the NFL. The Broncos are a team that should not be ignored; they could be the surprise in the AFC this offseason.

              Do not expect the same type of game played earlier in the season. Both teams have improved and are ready for battle. This should be a great matchup for the weekend. If the Patriots can control the Broncos running game and put the game in Jake Plummer’s hands they will win the game. Jake is not a pocket passer. He will have to be contained and the Patriots have the talent to defeat his playmaking ability. But the Broncos are undefeated at home and are in their element. If they are able to control the game and keep Tom Brady off the field then the Broncos will win. So who will win the first rematch of the weekend? Take the Broncos at home. Even with the improved Patriots’ defense, Jake has learned one thing this season; do not turn the ball over. The Patriots will limit the Broncos rushing attack but they will not be able to control the X-factor. Combine this with the Broncos’ faithful getting their first home playoff game since 1998, the crowd will factor into the game. In conclusion, look for the Broncos to win this game and stop the Patriots in their quest for three. It will not be a blow away, it will be entertaining and close and it may even come down to a Jason Elam field goal instead of Adam Vinatieri.