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Our Once Top Notch Linebacker Core...

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  • Our Once Top Notch Linebacker Core...

    I'm so sorry about Gold & Mobely. Ian was on his way to becoming a terror to every opposing offencs, and Mobely was his solid self. But if any good comes out of this, maybe they can convert Terry Peirce to the Outside and he can replace Gold or Mobely if they cannot come back to the players they were before injury. I actually hoped that they would work Terry in on the outside to eventually supplant Mobely...

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    I agree completely. Gold was the man and teamed with Wilson and Mobley they were very arguably the best linebacker corps in the league. I know that Pierce has talent and he proved that at KSU, I just wish that he would have had a little more time under the tutelage of a guy like Mobley. Hopefully that talent develops quickly and I think Spragan has been playing solid, if not exceptional football.
    My main concern now is for Mobley. I pray that his wonderful career does not have to end on an injury note like this.


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      Play Pierce...he left KSU early and we're hurting every since he left so we'd at least like to see him play


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        We'll do what we can...
        Thanks, Reid!
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          now its even more important that they resign wilson n could see the loss of speed and obvisously the inexperience in the zone drops by spragan and syckes....if nothing else it provides depth 4 next my opinion its very questionable if mobley comes back at all....


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            its amust they resgin this crew.

            It is our heart & sould Our D is just not the same