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    Originally posted by NJfan26
    i've been to the mid west, east of course and i've lived in virginia for a year. too tell you the truth people aren't too much different when you look at generations. My generation say (early twenties) act the same every where. i think now that places and big cities are getting much more diverse, even small towns, people are becoming more like one another. I think that most places are becoming more diverse and we are all starting to blend personalities but people still bring their stereotypes and still pass judgement on people that they are becoming, for the most part.

    (did this make sense because i reread and it was kinda shakey...haha oh well you get my point hopefully)
    I read you loud and clear.


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      IMO "FIRST DOWN" & "IN-COM-PLETE" are both said to have some kind of effect on the field...

      "FIRST DOWN" to congratulate the offense on a first down and get behind the team.
      "IN-COM-PLETE" to mock and make fun of un unsuccessful play.

      If they say what they do, to back their team, they must think it actually makes a difference to the players.

      If they say "IN-COM-PLETE" has no effect than they are hypocrites, but what else is new. Call me stupid (and the players claim they don't hear or listen to the crowds at all), but I would think something like that could get into your head. ???

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