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Bigger loss than Kubiak? This one could hurt

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    O-L coach

    If I was Mike Shannahan I would go to the college ranks and hire the OL coach for the Minnessota Gophers or the Wisconsin Badgers.

    I think that it would be very tempting to climb to the NFL level.


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      O-line replacement

      I would see if a Denver-O lineman wants the job. Gary Zimmerman, Dan Neil or even Tom Nalen when he retires. These people have have this blocking system drilled into them. Same goes for all the rest of the players that have played in this system.
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        I started looking around for more info on Kubiak heading to Houston, and I came across this quote:

        Plans are for the Texans to name Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak as their next coach as soon as Denver loses in the playoffs.
        They could have said that any number of ways to not sound like jerks. But like most people in the press, they just expect us to lose.

        Here is the link
        Dennis Smith, Simon Fletcher, Steve Atwater, Terrell Davis and Rod Smith all belong in the Hall of Fame.


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          I know that it would hurt Denver, but can you imagine the running game in Houston if Dennison transplanted our zone scheme there and had Reggie Bush running for him. If he could train that shifty runner to run down hill nobody would stop them. Then again Bush might not fit the scheme very well since he's a dancer and not a down hill runner.
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            Originally posted by broncos_mtnman
            Kubiak can take him with him if Dennison is given a promotion (such as OC).

            Personally, I think Kubiak as the new head coach if he picks Dennison as an OC. Dennison is no OC.

            I remember when Shanny was named H.C. of the Broncos and picked Kubiak as his OC and the same thing was said he "would be making his first mistake " and that worked out OK


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              Would You Guys Like For Us To Get Mike Tice As The O-line Coach And Alex Gibbs As An Consultant.


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                Originally posted by nas1
                Would You Guys Like For Us To Get Mike Tice As The O-line Coach And Alex Gibbs As An Consultant.
                Two conflicting styles.