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    I HOPE

    you guys are right.. if he only made ONE of those long ball catches against KC in KC... we would have beaten the Chiefs on their home field... he dropped a LOT of passes. I know he has potential, but potential and 50 cents will buy me a candy bar. Deltha has 'potential' too. I think he can step it up, and am behind him ALLLL the way. But this IS his bubble year, and because of that, is why we will be drafting a WR in the high rounds.


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      How many balls last year did he drop when he hit the ground? They were all for big gains 20-60 yards. He might be fast, he might run a good route, but he has not shown himself to be a number one draft choice.

      Granted very few receivers ever make it the first year, only 4 1000 yard guys since 1985. But the good ones blossom in the second year, his was more of a sprout just 35 passes. Would guess that he dropped half of that many and then the QB's looked the other way cause they need a go to guy. He could have easily had at least 60 catches last year.

      That been said, we have to remember that Portis was the ball hog last year, other running backs Smith and Sharpe got a bunch of passes.

      With Portis gone he better start acting like a number 1. So if he gets the chance in spring training and summer camp he better hang on to the ball.

      He should have stepped up by now and the clock is ticking.