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Quentin Griffin is no Barry Sanders!

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    Re: i just hope he gets the chance

    Originally posted by Qistheman
    i missed watching him the past year, the RBs in the draft are deep so that kind of scares me a little. He is fun to watch and he will quickly become popular if he represents well. He is a lovable kid with a quiet personality that is contagious
    If he gets the shot to produce, and he does, the team will rally around him real quick. Teammates love it when someone works their a** off and doesn't talk s**t but instead leaves it all on the field.
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      from what i hear

      from what i hear, most of the players and coaches on the broncos already have nothing but good to say about Q. Shannon Sharpe said "I told him as long as he stays humble and just works his butt off, he's going to be a superstar in this league. If Clinton stays healthy and he doesn't get those carries, a lot of people are not going to know about him, but they knew about him tonight." and Rod smith said
      "We have a lot of faith in him," "The same things you saw him do out there, I saw him do every day in practice, and that's when he's on the scout team.
      Those were just quotes off the web site. He is going to be a great player, i dont think he will disapoint anyone

      I count 3 pokes it takes to bring Q down!! Q is the Man


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        Re: from what i hear

        Originally posted by Qistheman
        He is going to be a great player, i dont think he will disapoint anyone
        I hope so because we need him to step up big and quick. I know he'll be ready if he is as dedicated as he seems.