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How do we attack Pittsburgh?

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    Originally posted by _Ferrite Core_
    You must not know the Steelers as well as you think then. One of Big Ben's most impressive stats is % completions after contact. I'm not sure what the exact number is at this moment but as of a few weeks ago he was pretty far ahead of every other QB in that category.

    He won't fold under pressure as easily as 90% of other QBs.
    The fact remains he is not as good as Tom Brady, the Quaterback who we just forced into 2 INTs.


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      I don't think that Big Ben vs. Brady is a good comparison. They are very different creatures. Brady relies on his quick release and quick thinking to save him. Whereas Big Ben can shrug off linebackers and buy his own time to make the play.


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        Big Ben leads the league in completions after contact 65%, his passer rating in the Bungles game was 148.7, he's a gamer with a 25-3 winning start record and leads the league in 1st down passing completions and is no slouch in rushing TDs..He's 3-1 in the playoffs........


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          Originally posted by txbronco
          Alright, the AFC title game is set.
          This is going to be a good one! Steelers and Broncos match up pretty much even. We don't see you guys that often (2-2 in playoffs, and you guys are up all time 14-8-1). Pittsburgh D is giving up 100+ less yards in the playoffs. But you guys were facing the Brady sling with one game while we have shut down Carson/Kitna and Peyton. I am so happy that we handed Indy, Peyton their proverbial hat... we made them look really bad!

          The key to this game is preparedness. The Steelers need to get their butts on a plane Tuesday and get out to Denver. Mile High means 5280... the ball will sail and conditioning needs to be #1 for the Steelers.

          Pittsburgh is showing that they can put points on the board (28/game over last seven while Broncos are averaging 23). Mike needs to prepare for both the pass and run unlike the Colts did. The Colts brought eight in the box, and it back fired big time.

          Intangibles: Sean Salisbury's pick. Thanx Sean (you A--HOLE!) His picking of the Broncos almost assures a Pittsburgh win. But he will probably change his mind toward the end of the week!

          So what weaknesses does steel have that we can exploit?
          None! Solid Pass, Run, Blitzes, Defense, and Special Teams.

          What will Shannahan throw at pitt?
          And what does Denver need to do offensivly to win?
          Mike needs to prepare some NEW and unique run and pass blitz packages to confuse the Steelers. All he needs to do is watch the Indy/Steeler film... and replicate what the Steelers did against Peyton & Co... he'll get the idea. This will be pivotable. Also, some trickery on offense will help! If he can implement what the Steelers did against Cinci and Indy then the Broncos will definately keep it close! Watch... Enberg & Co. will be talking about how Denver's defense is stealing schemes right out of Pittsburgh's defensive and offensive playbook!

          Granted we have home field advantage.....
          Does not mean squat! Except for altitude... But at least you HAVE another home game. Thank Pittsburgh for that!

          but I think us and them had Impressive wins over big teams. So momentum i say would be about equal.
          Pitsburgh's win over Indy was a little bit more significant than Denver's win over NE at Mile High. Congrats on beating NE @home twice, however!

          Win or lose I look forward to a great game. And the winner will win the SB! The NFC does not stand a chance!


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            Originally posted by RBDynasty
            They're going to be exhausted after that win. We need to remain sharp and just keep doing what we're doing. They'll find blitzing Plummer is going to be much harder than hitting 'Ol Cement Legs Manning.
            The Steelers exhausted You know where they were last year at this time? Right here ACF-CHAMP-GAME,Did you see Wards tears last year after they lost? They want this Super-bowl,and they will get it.They are the better team,just like the PATS were last year


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              Originally posted by thechief33
              First, keep in mind that the Steelers D shut down the best offense in the league in the Colts. Don't expect to catch them off guard with much of anything.
              This is a non-sequiteur. The reason the Steelers D did well against the Colts is that they got trashed by the same team early in their previous match-up. They had a script to gameplan around, and they did it. Besides, they did not "shut down" the Colts offense. Only stemmed the tide long enough to escape with a 3-point lead. I'm not taking anything from the Steelers D, but don't take anything from the Broncos O, because next to Indy, this is the most efficient offense in the league, and the Steelers HAVEN'T played THIS YEAR'S Broncos yet.

              Second, Pittsburgh can throw the ball and will. I saw at least 3 or 4 new formations in the game Sunday that I haven't seen all year. This is a well-balanced offense.
              See above. It's called learning from your mistakes. Spreading out the offense is how you beat teams that crowd the line with their safeties. This is a gameplan tailor-made for the Colts.

              Don't count on the blitz. Ben's QB rating when he's under pressure is outstanding. And he's very fleet of foot for a guy his size. Getting him to move outside the pocket is not necessarily the best strategy to take.
              I think it's more important to contain Big Ben, but that doesn't mean you can't blitz. There's no escaping a well-timed blitz. If the protection isn't there, all the mobility in the world won't help you. But it's just as important to collapse the pocket and make it very uncomfortable as it is to get around it.

              He's young, but I've never seen a 2nd year QB as confident and composed as him. You're not going to rattle him with the blitz. Indy stacked the line all day, and it just let the TE's and WR's open down field. The Pittsburgh O-line did a great job shutting down the Indy front 7. I'd expect a similar performance from them Sunday.
              Apples and oranges. The Colts do nothing but spin moves all day, and they don't collapse the pocket much. When the line prepares for it, they lose 50% of their effectiveness. You won't see much spinning on Sunday, but I guarantee you'll see a collapsing pocket.
              "Pey-Pey to Bay-Bay for the Tay Day!!"