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    Obviously, serious fans always have opinions and many are very knowledgeable students of the game. But I really get a kick out of "Joe 9-5" who spends a few hours here and there on the internet or reading the paper and thinks he knows better than the coach. Rest assured that whatever you know, you don't know the half of it.

    Only the coach and the training staff really know how often Portis was mildly injured and how well he played through pain (was the chest bruise really that bad? Did they feel his ankle sprain wasn't that bad and he should have been able to play?). And who else was in the room when Shanny talked to Portis? Was his attitude in the locker room different than what you see in interviews? What about his efforts in practice, or his off-season conditioning? Did he study the plays well? I don't know, and neither do you.

    You might know a lot about Bailey, you may know all his numbers, you might even have watched all the games he played in. However, how many hours of game film have you analyzed to determine what those stats mean? How much did he really affect the plays on the field. Sometimes the effect of a good cover guy is very subtle to the casual viewer. When you watch the game, you watch the ball. Your not paying attention to how well he covers because the ball doesn't go his way. He can't pick a ball on the opposite side of the field. You have to study film in great detail to get the true picture.

    Everyone seems so concerned about the players we're losing, when we don't even know who we'll get to replace them. Remember, last year we HAD Eddie, we HAD Sharpe, we HAD Portis, and Droughns, and Anderson, etc., etc. SO WHAT!?! We still couldn't win a playoff game. I think maybe Shanny realized months ago what I'm just starting to figure out. The game changes.

    Once upon a time, it was all about smashmouth running, then it was the dink-and-dump west-coast offense, then it was the arial assault of the "Greatest Show". But lately, the teams that win it all have just a decent offense, and a dominating defense. You have to adjust to the evolution of the game, and right now D is king! The coach is the one who has to develop the right balance to get us to the promised land!

    The point is, we all have opinions and many of them may be right on, but I have to laugh at people who get so uptight about descisions they simply don't understand. It's kinda like being a backseat driver, with only the rear window to look out of.

    Don't ever stop posting opinions, just keep them in the proper context: guesswork, speculation, opinions, and armchair coaches.

    The Duke
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    Good post Duke. I agree 100%. We really don't know much about what REALLY goes on in the locker room.

    BTW, anyone ever think that Champ's INT #'s might be down cause QB's don't throw to his side anymore? A shutdown corner can do WONDERS for a defense!
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      An insighful & respectful post, amigo (2 things likely to get you mocked & spat upon most of the time, but I like 'em )

      I'd just like to add, that from my laymans point of view, Shanahan is a superb play caller and a veritable chess master, when it comes to X's & O's. In my outsiders opinion, I don't agree with some of the personel decisions he's made, but still I would put him up against anyone when it comes to game planning & play calling.
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        Originally posted by ddolak
        BTW, anyone ever think that Champ's INT #'s might be down cause QB's don't throw to his side anymore? A shutdown corner can do WONDERS for a defense!


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          Another thought I wanted to bring up...

          For those of you who are so upset about the players who are leaving, don't forget who saw the talent and signed them in the first place. Shanny saw them, Shanny signed them, and you loved them.

          Why is it so hard for you to believe that the next player will also be one of your favorites in the years to come? Those who are screaming the loudest about Portis leaving will be crying just as loud the day Bailey moves on.

          Listen people, things change. It's a fact of life and a part of the game. Things could be much worse, our team could be the *GULP* Raiders !
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            or the Cards, at least we have an owner and coach that want to win.


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              duke i have no problem with you

              your right about arm chair QBs, there is a lot of that going on around here and i'm as guilty as the next bronco fan. we have all hopefully watched enough football games to know that the game is about trends especially on offense but defense will always win championships so i don't think you will get any arguements from anybody here on that point . through out these last couple of weeks once the thought of Clinton portis being traded entered my mind i shook my head at first cause i didn't believe it was happening and then i let it go and accepted the prospect of having champ bailey. no tears or whinning. the problem i had was how easy certain bronco fans forgot what Portis did in the last two years. all i said was that he played well while as a bronco that's all. second there are a few bronco fans who believe the quentin griffin is going to come right in and replace CP. that's fine, never said he couldn't but for myself i have to see him do it on a consistant level. i'm from the belief, if you can do it once you can do it again but i have to see you do it again. the heated discussion on this board with this topic is kind of silly because QG has yet to play a full season as a bronco starter and people are getting upset that we hate him. i haven't seen enough of him to hate him. i hope he does well but the way certain people talk you would think he's a established runner in this league. Is that fair to give him all that hype with little substance?
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