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Which of your offseason predictions went really wrong?

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    that we we're going to steamroll the colts, in the playoffs


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      Originally posted by Amigo_Bronco
      Much in the spirit of that NFL network commercial (where people are talking during the offseason telling things like: "I love the Bears, but this year they will win only three games".... what predictions did you make?

      I'll start with this one:

      "Walls is going to have a great year starting along Bailey" ...

      What did you predict?

      I looked at the schedule and said that 9-7 would be a great achievement.

      Man, was I wrong.

      Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

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        Originally posted by kmartin575
        Yeah, it was moonshot. It seems like alot of guys didn't like the changes at WPI. Oh well, we got alot of new guys to replace them and I like the changes to warpaint.
        Well you can't make everone happy glad you stuck around!


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          I thought that 10-6 with a playoff win would be all I should hope for from the Broncos this year.


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            I thought we would go 8-8 or 9-7.


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              Originally posted by broncos_mtnman
              I thought we would go 8-8 or 9-7.

              I wouldn't say that prediction went really wrong. There is nothing wrong with the different outcome....LOL


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                I bashed the hiring of Bob Slowik as the DB's coach. Sorry Mr. Slowik, I was wrong and you showed me.

                Other wrong predictions:
                "Shanahan can't draft DB's"
                "Culpepper IS an MVP"
                "Kerry Colbert is a rising star and should replace Mohammed well enough"
                "another year with Jim Fassel, Boller should be better"
                "This team WILL win more than 4 games" - I was talking about the Titans
                "The 49ers will go 2-14 and the Browns will go 4-12"

                Some correct predictions:
                "Jake Delhomme is an underrated QB"
                "The eagles with TO's situation and now Westbrook's will have them in disarray"
                "give the Vikings one more year to get team chemistry"
                "I will go with the Panthers but its anybody's guess"- Superbowl pick could be true
                "he's going to have a monstrous year" - talking about Saurbrun
                "Sapp, Collins, and Moss will win them some games and then implode"


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                  Well my incorrect predicitons:
                  -Arizona over Indy in the Super Bowl.
                  -Detroit winning their division.
                  -Buffalo winning their division.
                  -Houston making the playoffs.
                  -Washington being the worst team.
                  -Seattle missing the playoffs.

                  My correct predicitions:
                  -Denver going 12-4 (we all expected them to lose to San Diego but we're all glad they didn't)
                  -Plummer hitting stride this year.
                  -Carolina being a favorite in the NFC.


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                    Originally posted by Splat420
                    What up Kmartin i did not know you posted on here is there any other people on here from Warpaint? I have been on here a few times but never posted before so i was like way not.
                    funn you say that.. because I think Sammy Parker is the best WR on yoru team, and DID have a breakout year.


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                      i predicted a minnesota-baltimore superbowl. to be fair, i did give an 'if kyle boller takes his game to the next level' disclaimer.
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                        Originally posted by Ravage!!!
                        funn you say that.. because I think Sammy Parker is the best WR on yoru team, and DID have a breakout year.
                        Best WR on our team? And how is Rod Smith so much better considering he had 3 more yards than Eddie Kennison (1105 compared to 1102) and one more touchdown (6 compared to 5). Everybody keeps bashing Eddie Kennison even though he now has two 1,000 yard seasons in a row. Not to mention, Eddie Kennison has 4 straight 100-yard games against Denver. I love how you find every way possible to bash the Chiefs.
                        "And we all know that stats don't mean anything if you don't have the wins to back them up"-ChampWJ

                        It's a good thing Jay Cutler was a proven winner in college. Oh wait, nevermind.


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                          Originally posted by brom66an6
                          The biggest mistake I made was that I thought Watts would improve his catching and be a solid #3 wr.
                          me too...........


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                            I said our Oline wouldn't be as good. I was wrong......

                            We have a great bond between the guys, and although our running game hasn't been effective latley, we have blocked well.


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                              Mine would have to be the Walls

                              I was dead on on thinkin this though: We will either be bad, or very good, we wont end up 10-6 again.
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                                Incorrect Predicitions:
                                1. Tatum Bell would be our starting rushing before the season ended with over 1,200 yards rushing.
                                2. Lelie would make the probowl, thus having a statistical breakout year...
                                3. Maurice Clarett would be in Mike Anderson role.
                                4. Darius Watts would be a clutch slot WR
                                5. The rookie CBs would suck.

                                Correct Predicitions:
                                1. We'd make the playoffs.
                                2. Plummer would be much improved in the denver system.
                                3. Champ would take the league by storm.
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