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Video proof - Champ's fumble was not a touchback

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    So quit your whining and we will see you next year in the playoffs.
    I wonder about their playoff chances next year.

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      Originally posted by tnedator
      Ok, based on some of the posts regarding whether or not the ball went through the endzone, I took pictures of a series of shots from NFL Total Access. I don't have any way to do video capture, so I had to take photos of the sequence, which aren't as sharp as if I could have done video capture.

      Here is a link to a single web page with the 9 or so pictures and descriptions:

      Here is a link to the pictures themselves.

      While the camera angle's during replay were inconclusive, this one isn't. It was a fumble out of bounds, not a touch back.

      P.S. One last note. If you look at the series of shots, when the ball first becomes visible near Warren's hand, it is just over the 'B' in the bronco banner in the background. In the last shot, it is higher and to the LEFT of that 'B'. That 'B' provides us with a reference point, showing a straight line from the camera position and a point beyond the pylon, this point remains fixed. This just helps clarify that the angle the ball came out from stayed left of the line from the camera to the 'B', which is LEFT of the pylon, showing there is no way the ball went into the endzone.
      Excellent work, all you have to do is look at the first link with the pictures, and you can see the shadow of the ball. The shadow definately goes out of bounds before the pylon. infact, the only bad call is the spot of the ball. It should have been at the one, instead of inside it. Wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome.
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