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    Has anyone seen these...
    The Colts are still number one, shouldnt the top four teams still be int he playoffs.

    The ranking are like this, If i remember

    1. Colts
    2. Bronocos
    3. Seattle
    4. Carolina
    5. Pittsburgh

    I understand that the Broncos are and should be at the top of the four remaining teams. I know they have their stupid system, but the colts lost.....stupid media

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    I am surprised the Patriots arent at number 2
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      You people didn't get the memo from the NFL??

      It clearly states the Colts are Super Bowl XL champs. Dated August 22, 2005 signed by Tags and the media reps.

      Look for Peyton Manning and his offensive linemen in the Chunky Chicken commercials. THe one where Peyton tells his linemen "You are what you eat" and snickers cause those guys don't get it.

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        Wow, thats crazy because we were number one after the last game of the season.
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          Makes no sense to me: Though the comment was good about Denver:

          Remember: our power rankings have had the Colts and Broncos neck-and-neck for almost the entire season, even putting the Broncos ahead of the Colts in some weeks. Don't sleep on the Broncos just because the Steelers are red hot
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            The FoxSports power rankings are taken from and are purely statistically driven. They aren't subjective at all.

            They have a system that awards points for on field success. For example, a team gets a point for getting a certain number of yards on first and second down that would make getting third down easier and points on third down for getting a first down. If you don't get a first down on third down, the play is considered a failure even if you gained 25 yards on the play. In other words, it defines success and then measures a success rate. It also adds some extra points for big plays and normalizes everything according to competition and other factors like weather.

            I don't know a ton about their system, but it seems to be pretty fair. Still, power rankings are not ever a perfect way to evaluate an upcoming game. Different teams match up in different ways and these rankings don't take that into account.
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