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    I too like the alternate Orange unis and wish they would wear them some more.. but, they are 0-2 when wearing them..

    After the they lost last year vs Oakland some of the players felt they were bad luck. So, I don't think we'll see them wearing the Orange unis anytime soon.
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      Originally posted by Breezer
      Do you like the old one or the new one better? I like the new one, but I do miss the orange jerseys.

      The Dark Navy Blue with the red/orange trimes. Can't get much better than that.


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        I like them both for different reasons, I have a tattoo of the new logo on the back of my right calf and will be getting the old logo on the back of my left calf next week... they both are cool though...


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          I like the new unis well enough, but I think that the style has been copied so many times in the past few years (due more to N*ke's "branding" practices more than the popularity of the style, imo), that they look kind of dated. There's nothing more unhip than something that was recently hip (but no longer is). because so many teams copied the look, it just screams out "late 90s" to me. They don't look timeless at all now. I would prefer a more classic look than a trendy one, as trends quickly pass (even though, as far as I know, we set the trend). Just my opinion.


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            I love the old one but I'm glad that we switched over to the new one when we did. Change is always good. We went on and won the Superbowl with the new jerseys.
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              I like the orange duds....

              The reason why we lost was both games were in the snow.

              Weather played a factor in those games.

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                I wasn't following football when denver was in old colors, but i see pictures, films of it and at the risk of being asaulted by hardcore fans, I prefer much more the new colors, more modern, aggressive with the bronco head like a sharp arrow ready to jump on the opponents.
                Besides the orange is still present but at a reasonable place (nice stripes), and there's no mistake on the field when denver's playing unlike several ones like detroit and dallas for example