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Why are Pats fans so much better than Steeler fans?

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    we're not all bad

    Originally posted by psychoWard
    don't "lump" us all together!!
    every "family" has a few bad apples!!!!
    Chalk me up as one Steeler fan that thinks the Broncos are good. Maybe about 3 points shy of winning today, of course, but by no means to be underestimated. Actually, I think the site may have more to do with it than the usual game. Question for you guys...has anyone done an actual study of the effect of altitude on athletes in Denver? I would be curious to see actual data on how much effect 5000+ feet really plays.

    Anyway, I'm not excited to be going to Denver. I'll admit I was more concerned with Pittsburgh playing Indy than I am going into this game, and Pitt got that done, so I guess we have a decent change visiting you guys.

    Should be a real good game.

    Matt in Kansas City ( originally from NW PA )


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      I really don't know why Bronco fans are so surprised Steeler fans are talking smack. It's a huge game for both teams. Of course some people are going to get excited; some people are going to be cocky and some people are going to be downright annoying. It would be the same no matter who you played, but it probably would be worse if you played a division rival like the Raiders. It's just par for the course.

      Go Steelers!


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        I don't know how you can say Steelers fans are so terrible. Some are I know that, But Broncos fans aren't any better. Me being from Denver I do know this. I am a diehard Steelers fan But I have been attacked all week. I had glass broken out of my vehicle because I had a Steelers flag on the door. I give the Broncos TONS of respect, They are a very good team and this will be a tough game for the Steelers to win. But everytime I told this to Broncos, They weren't hearing it. This city gives the Steelers no respect. Broncos fans are doing the same thing to Steelers fans that Pats fans did to the Bronc's fans.
        In Memory of Darrent Williams. You will be missed my man.


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          Pats fans better?!

          Originally posted by BigRussMooney
          Have you guys noticed the Steeler's fans inability to accept the fact that Denver is a good team? 9 out of 10 of their fan's REFUSE to give credit when credit is due. I have been on several threads expressing how I do not deny the Steelers are a great team and how it will be a close game and all they can do is "duh..joo will loose!!!" What gives?
          Umm, going throught the topics now, seem to be a lot of Pats fans talking smack about the Broncos...