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Plummer has second best passing % in playoffs of any active player

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    Originally posted by broncos_mtnman
    Why don't you start a thread on that so that this one doesn't get hijacked?
    That's ok, it will just wind up being an exercise in futility.
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      Originally posted by lvbronx
      And as always, you IGNORE all the facts with your "selective logic". You failed to point out that Satan Jake also has MORE attempts than Garcia and Pennington.

      Therefore, Jake's stats are every bit as signifigant as he is right in the middle of the 5 QBs listed concerning number of attempts.

      BTW, that's why percentages are used, so you (well not you, but reasonable people) can compare QBs that have different numbers of passing attempts, as it is illogical to assume Satan Jake's percentage will decrease.

      Also, " I don't think it's all that significant" is an opinion. Jake being #2 is a FACT. But then again, you've never let a FACT get in the way of your extremely prejudiced opinion. I prefer facts.
      nice post. mtnman so owned he didnt even reply to it.