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If Denver can beat New England

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    Originally posted by Breezer
    Last I heard, turnovers are part of the game!!!!!!!!! Stop blaming the Patriots for losing and give the Broncos the credit for kicking ass!
    it's hard to give denver credit when they dont deserve it. the referee gave denver a free 17 points,and that is a cold hard fact. that bullchit pi when it was really a offensive pi,and denver got the ball at the 1 yard line. and the touchback that should have given the pats the ball at the 20 yard line.instead denver again got the ball at the 1 yard line AGAIN. and the interference on the troy brown punt catch attempt lead to another 3 points. and that last int was meaningless,it was really a total of 3 turnovers. --n.e should have won that game if it was not for the refs with there big 3 blown calls(and you denver homers know this deep down inside)... pats would have raped pittsburgh in n.e this week(like they always do)

    . pitt last week did not beat a better team then n.e(colts),n.e at this point in time were better then the colts and a whole lot healthier. who does not know by now that manning and the colts in the playoffs=DOG CHIT. they choke every year. and were playing like crap towards the end of the year.

    again,denver should not be in the afccg. congrats to the refs for beating the pats. and jake plummer is once again showing why he is jake the mistake. what a bum. did nothing special vs the pats,and nothing again today vs pitt. PHONY!


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      you must have watched another game

      Originally posted by w1zard
      All of the fumbles costed New England the game. One fumble mistake is bad, 2 fumble mistakes is a blowout unless new england can work miracles(its been done ). An interception by champ bailey only contributes to the blowout.

      I don't usually use the pre-season as an example, but Denver dominated Indianapolis 37-24 and hadn't played them again all season. Pittsburgh on the otherhand had a pretty tough time maintaining their score last weekend against them. If vanderjagt(sp?) hadn't missed that field goal, pittsburgh might not have made it here.

      It's going to be a great game, that's all I can say.
      evidently too much beer during that game for you. the pitt-indy game should have been a lot wider than the margin was, had the refs not made a huge bad call that kept indy in it.