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  • Wildcard looking better

    Miami losing today was a help, right now i believe it will end up between us & miami for the final wildcard & they have a very difficult finish. I haven't given up all hope on the division but it would take alot for that but that's fine because i hope to god we get the chance to go back to kc in the playoffs & it will be the same result from the last playoff game there.

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    miami 5-4 buffalo 4-5 .... its does look alot better for us .... plus i we dont have the hardest schedule over the next few weeks .... saying that. ... SD just smashed the vikes ... we could be in for a battle next week ........ i think 10-6 should get that final wild card ... 9-7 is cutting it too close


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      Yes 9-7 would be too close but i believe we will be at least 10-6 or 11-5, but i also think with miami's schedule that they will have a very hard time even making 9-7 so i think as long as we take care of our business we have nothing to worry about


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        Yes, yes it is. And I know for a FACT Miami will drop off towards the end of the year as Ricky Williams slows down.

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          Miami will make it tough, and who knows what other team will go on a run, or who can upset us, Flutie had a hell of a game today and we don't need to face a Chargers team catching fire after our bye. We need to get these next few wins and hope that it is enough, at least 5 of the next 7.
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            I agree. I was looking for the Vikings to beat up on the Chargers a little bit and send a battered and bruised San Diego team to Denver. With their win today next weeks game is even more crucial. If the Broncos come out and play a good game and get a solid win and not a last minute or few point victory, then I think our journey toward the wild card would really get going. We need to win the next 3 games against SD, Chicago and Oakland handily to have the momentum necessary to take on KC in December.


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              There could be another problem with the wildcard.

              Cincinatti has an decent shot at winning the AFC North. If they do, it means the Ravens will by vying for wildcard. That's not good for Denver because the Ravens have the tie-break edge over Denver. On the other hand, Denver has the tie-break edge over Cincy.

              Even though I would like to see Cincy shock the Ravens and win the North, it would increase Denver's hopes for a wildcard if Baltimore wins the North.

              I think Buffalo might about out of it. Miami may or may not be there at the end; so, here's hoping they keep starting Griese.

              Plummer better play like he did before his injury because the Chargers will have nothing to lose next week and they probably have a lot more confidence after drubbing the Vikings today. I'm suddenly a little less sure that that will be an easy game.
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                I'm glad that when the Chargers decided to find themselves, it was against the Vikes and not us! I'm not worried about their new found flame. The Broncos are lucky the Chargers decided to get tough for the Vikes, so we are better prepared to defend against them. Repeating such a performance against a better D and in Denver will be a much tougher task. The Chargers still suck, this week's fluke has only helped to educate our Broncs.
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