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Pat Bowlen on the Portis Trade...

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    Originally posted by DPg2003
    What would Easy E have to say about the deal? he doesn't play anymore.
    they call shanny the rat.
    go broncos
    share the sidewalk
    liberty > safety . . . ron paul '12!


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      Originally posted by cheapseats
      Hmmm, that's what I was trying to say... I'm probably being misunderstood, and this really isn't that important. I just feel this is more evidence to support my CP is a 'problem' theory

      I really don't think CP is all that bad compared to most in the NFL, but I was amazed at the lengths some people would go to to portray CP as completely innocent in the whole thing.
      Agreed! Once the trade rumors broke I wasn't worried as I knew Bowlen was getting rid of an ego. Portis (and TO) type egos have no place in the Broncos. Sharpe type egos? LOVE 'EM!!!

      850 KOA (Denver AM Broncos radio) had callers react to Portis being traded. Most (if not all) said they were glad Portis is being traded. Denver area BroncoManiacs knew exactly what was going on.