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Anyone related to pro football players?

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    my dad played semi-pro! And i made a sandwitch for Foxworth at quiznos!


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      I'm not related, but a guy that I work with is Montae Reagor's (ex-Bronco) cousin. I also have a friend that is the cousin of D.J. Renteria (he's never met him he just found out before the playoffs while home visiting family).

      It's funny what folks will share when they find out you're a Bronco's fan. It's kinda like 6 degrees of Broncos seperation.


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        Originally posted by MTRaiderHater
        I actually used to brag about this when I was a kid , until I found out that it was only through marriage that I am related.

        John Elway is my Grandma's Sister's daugter's husband's cousin. No kidding.

        I acutally saw Mark Elway at a family reunion near Kalispell, on Flathead Lake here in MT. That side of the family always got tickets. Luckyyyy.

        I'm not bitter though.
        Would that make him your 3rd cousin by marriage?
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          One of my moms students is troy Polamola's cousin.


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            My aunt (by marriage) is Dan Marino's second cousin.

            Does that count?


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              No blood relations, but I know Terrell Davis. He lived two houses down from me. He gave my family an autographed copy of his autobiography when he first moved into the neighborhood. I've still got it on my bookshelf. I didn't get to see Brian Griese drunkenly trip on TD's driveway, though. Although the flashing ambulance lights kept me up all night when it happened...
              A proponent of Denver drafting Cutler since 10/05.

              So naturally, my Adopt-A-Bronco is Jay Cutler!


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                Originally posted by RBDynasty
                Would that make him your 3rd cousin by marriage?

                I guess that would make sense, but I always get confused by the once removed/twice removed thing. It might be 3rd cousin once removed.