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    Originally posted by Bronco en Mass
    Hey Everybody!

    I am a dyed in the orange and blue wool Bronco fan who had to move to New England a couple of years ago to find work. I am stuck in the middle of Patriots country so it was a good year to run smack. Of course there are always the responses, "The Broncos didn't win. The Patriots gave the game to them." or "Well our team was injured." To which I reply: SCOREBOARD BIATCH!

    I have developed a quote which I hope you can share with any friends you may have who are Patriots fans. "With so few things that are certain in life you can always count on two. The Patriots will always have a losing record against the Broncos and Patriots fans will always have an excuse."

    Aaaaanyhoo. I would love to hear from any Broncos fans who can't have the pleasure of being in the same state with them. I hear that they will be playing in Foxborough this year so if there is anyone in New England who might want to put together a tailgate crew to head up there for the game, that would be outstanding.

    Give me a holler,

    P.S. Has anyone at Mile High thought to insert the word "Jake" instead of "Hey" when they play "Rock & Roll pt. 2" at the stadium?

    Ive got it good, Im a die hard broncs fan smack friggen dab in the middle of raider (faider) nation. Good stuff


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      South Carolina here, surrounded by Vick fever and the cardiac Cats in Charlotte.
      I believe there only a few of us donw here, plenty of bandwagon Steeler fans down here also might I add, they used to be 9er fans, then patriot fans, not they steeler fans all of a sudden.

      My adopted Broncos, Uncle Rico, Alfred Williams, & Antonio Fargas.


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        I live in west Jordan, Utah. That can be a good thing, and a bad thing. We have No football team of our own (Even if we did, I'm Broncos for life now) So It gets pretty bad down here. If you guys get tired of the band wagon jumpers....Imagine a state where it seems everyones a wagon jumper. This year, the Steeler fans are everywhere, last year it's Patriots coats all winter long. I live in a state with no loyalty!!!! When the Broncos won their last superbowl, everyone seemed to be my friend, Go Broncos, yea Broncos, and this year it was that way for a few weeks when the Broncos were hot into the AFCC game. After the game, I stuck out like a sore thumb with my Darrent Williams jerzee amongst the sea of yellow and black.I know absolutely nobody from anywhere near Pennsylvania, but all of a sudden I know at least four Steeler fans.


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          Julia louis Dreyfuss is a member here! Freaking wow!

          Hey everybody. Thanks for coming out of the woodwork on this one. LOL. I don't feel so alone now. It is nice to hear that I am not the only who suffers through the endless drivel that comes off of New England radio too.

          I am sure you folks all know this but the Broncos and the Patriots played their first games ever against each other. It is so funny that not one Patriots fan I know was aware of that.

          Anyhoo, all you folks out this way please let me know if you want to put together a roadie to Foxborough when Jake and the boys come to town. You can email me at:

          [email protected]

          "...we thank you for your support" Either Bartles or James. I forget which


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            Does out of country count???

            [SIZE=1][B]Adopted Bronco:Kenard Lang


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              Originally posted by orangenblue420
              Boo freakin hoo dude you live in friggin HAWAII - quit yer bytchn

              (tis in fun that I say this btw )

              no offense taken bud!!!!


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                Originally posted by lo4f3r
                Ive got it good, Im a die hard broncs fan smack friggen dab in the middle of raider (faider) nation. Good stuff
                Same here, dude.