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    Originally posted by alan
    I actually cannot believe that the North america..sorry the new englnd patriots are ahead of us...whay does the world love them they sucked against us..

    I think we have alot more issues this coming year than the Patriots do.


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      I am really surprised at all of those whom r saying that they are surprised that we are ranked so high....we had a great year and Jake played great football....a team like the Broncos doesn't go from pretty good to sucking ass....we will be great this upcoming year...and iuf we get T.O. i wouldn't be surprised if we are an early pick to win it all honestly I was surprised that we were ranked so low...I figured tope 3 at least..mike and the broncos did alot this year amnd next year will even be more spitacular(i hate spelling)...the othere thing that surprised me is that the Texans were so low...i figure they would be in the top 15 due to the fact that they are getting Bush and the new coach Gary K.....

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        I thought, "What the . . . " until I went back and actually saw who wrote it.

        Prisco. Oh.

        I guess he's never heard the name "Lelie." No surprise. Prisco has obviously never heard of a lot of things. Things like research.

        Now, if he had stated the Broncos need help in the pass rush . . .



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          Originally posted by The Dark Knight
          Why is that funny?

          Just curious. I don't get the joke.

          I'm in Omaha and blast the 'fuskers......
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            Ha Ha Ha!!

            Let's see they say 30 weeks till next season. Nobody knows how next year will end up. Everything changes from year to year in the NFL. The Steelers, Patriots, and Colts will not be that high come next season as everyone will be gunning for them. Furthermore I doubt the Browns will finish that low. I have heard some extremely promising news about some rumors that if true will raise the team's defensivestock right away. I've heard that the Browns are very interested in Julian Peterson and Grady Jackson. Not to mention the possible singing of LeCharles Bentley and the return of both Winslow and Edwards. Plus whomever the team drafts.
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              They clearly lack a down-the-field threat. That was apparent in the loss to the Steelers

              We clearly had no answer for the Pittsburgh pass rush.

              Im also kinda surprised Denver is ranked that high. The AFC West is gonna be tough next year.
              You've got to know when to sack em...


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                Originally posted by NASurfer

                We clearly had no answer for the Pittsburgh pass rush.

                Im also kinda surprised Denver is ranked that high. The AFC West is gonna be tough next year.
                Exactly, and the Steelers had an answer for Denvers blitz. Looking at the rankings they are still bowing at the alter of Manning and Brady. Manning had no answer for the Steelers pass rush, and Brady had no answer for the Denver pass rush.

                Besides the power rankings are for fools who bet on the NFL, and fantasy leaguers. The real test is who is healthy at the 8 game mark with a winning record. IMHO.
                As the world changes rational people will change with it. Only the zealots, and fundamentalists resist change. God save us from them.


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                  Originally posted by alwilson91
                  New England will be very average next year, I don't know why the colts are ranked so high
                  Guess you slipped through the first 14 weeks of the season where the Colts went 13-0...
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                    I was a bit surprised the rest of our division was so low:

                    SD 14
                    KC 15
                    Oak 30

                    Ok, well the last one I can believe... seems like the division is ours for the taking... I just hope it is THAT simple...


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                      Our division so low???????

                      Obviously post season teams should be in the top 12 until other news or events change that. I think that KC and SD are that low because the Chiefs have a new head coach and the Chargers because of the Drew Brees injury.. Sometimes teams are over-rated/underrated and this will definately playout more once FA, draft, training camps start going. I do think that the Patriots should be lower than they are as they have done nothing to deserve to be over the Broncos on the list, but then again look at who wrote the article!!! Homer is he... Other than that it's about fair as the Raiders have proven that once again they have serious issues that a Randy Moss/Kerry Collins hookup can cure. They were bad because they became one dimensional in their first game and never looked back. By one dimensional I mean Collins to Moss. Triple team Moss and COllins was still throwing to him. That makes your team pretty awful if you can't trust all of you talent. Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      Be jealous haters...I am the #1 Broncos fan no matter what your car tag says


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                        All I will say is that any list that has Jacksonville listed THAT high is a complete, utter joke.
                        HEAR ME ROAR!
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                          Originally posted by WhoDeyBengals
                          All I will say is that any list that has Jacksonville listed THAT high is a complete, utter joke.
                          JAX is that high because of defense. If they had their quarterback in the whole season they would be just as good as your team. But i like where the Broncos are. They have a lot to do but if we brought back most of the same starters as this last year we would still be one of the best teams in the league.
                          With these Bronx thru no matter what!!!