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You coach the Denver Broncos

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    wide reciever core.
    Canadian broncos fan for life


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      You coach the Denvedr Broncos

      Get Kyle Vandenbosch!


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        Originally posted by hacarlson
        Get Kyle Vandenbosch!

        He's has one OK year on a VERY bad team.

        Is it because he finally got an opportunity, or because the defense played SOOOOOO many minutes?

        Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

        The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
        You should check these guys out


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          simple sign TO. there is our passing game then it is all on our QB jake

          then use the draft to get all defensive guys who can playa pass rush. we are a tema that cant win from behind because we ar e a1 dimensional offense. that is bad for any team. solve that and be a deadle offense again and then we can do something again. we can have a ll the pass rush we want. the good teams with defenses will be able to shut us down. and as we learned last year, we suk in the 4th quater and our passing attack isnt really much with the exceptions of the iummortal rod smith and putz.
          thank god its football season again

          broncos and yankees--champions go together