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    I have mixed emotions about TO for obivious reasons. If we don't sign him I would love to see Eric Moulds, David Givens or Joe Jurevicous in a Bronco uniform.
    Any one of these guys would be and upgrade at #2 or #3. Moulds and Jurevicous will be the most affordable.


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      If the thread title starts up about any receiver in the NFL.....10 times out of 10 it ends up in an argument about T.O......I like the guy, but his poison is starting to spread to the broncomania message boards....


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        Originally posted by honestpatsfan
        Ah, there is intelligence on this board!

        T.O. is cancer to a football team, if Denver wants to gamble with their future on this a-hole, I guess they deserve whatever they get.

        I know that Denver has a lot of vets that could "keep him in line" but WTF is that? T.O. will say whatever he wants whenever he wants, he'll divide the Broncos' locker room (like in Philly) into players who like him or don't like him. He'll say something like he'd rather have Manning or Brady at QB and that will be it.

        Some think T.O. will put them "over the top", much like Philly did a couple of years ago. You know why Denver lost to Pittsburgh? Because they didn't step up and play their best, they weren't lacking any key player.

        I also think T.O. will complicate Jake's decision making in the offense. It may cause him to make more downfield throws or take unnecessary chances going T.O.'s way. Probably will mean more TD's and picks.
        I still think we need more depth at WR. Lelie is a great deap threat, but not much else when that is taken away. We need someone else to help take some of the heat off our two current WRs. That what the Steelers had that we didn't is a good 3rd WR.

        Though if we did get Owens and he did fall in line here it would be one of Mikey's great accomplishments. Very big if though.
        "Some people in this world make things happen, some people in this world know what happened, but most people wonder what happened."


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          The free agency for wide recievers is awesome this year and i think shanahan has a lot to think about. The Eagles are a smart organisation and they made the choice to bring TO from San Fran, they knew he was no golden boy but they took him. The man has to go somewhere in the National Football League and the Broncos could make it work however i dont think they should. There is going to be a team that will snap him up and will they be making a stupid decision or just picking up a free agent whilst everyone stands back and says 'i'm not touching him first' - big mistake if we dont see past his personality.

          Randle El - great player but i disagree that the Steelers will tie him up due to his trick play element. We've seen some great stuff from him but u have to remember that these guys are athletes and i'm sure the steelers could replace him at WRQB/WRRBQBWR lol

          The broncos do need some one else at wide out with rod aging but i believe the draft could be the exact place to find that some one.