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    How did an talk show interview go from talking about Jake, to bashing Top as a person outside of these boards?

    I think this is an all time record. Its only been 14 posts. Usually the personal attacks start after about 3-4 pages.

    As for the topic.....Jake has a stereotype around him because he played for a crummy team for the first part of his career. The same would be said about David Carr in Houston if things kept going the way they were going and then he moved on to another team.

    Looking at Jakes record as a Bronco, it just shows you the type of QB that he is and could have been his entire carreer had he had better fortune of going to a better team to begin with.


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      Ah ignorance is a blissful thing! IMO, Jake has done some great things for us and I look at him as a managing QB that's proficient more than a playmaker. On the other hand I feel he has the potential to become great, if he could just get that monkey off his back.Either way he's our QB, so I'm hoping for a great year from him!!


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        Originally posted by Bigplayshay84
        i agree with tag......i respect your opinion....but i can't stand you as person.
        Let's see you can't stand Top as a person, because of what he posts and maybe his personality.

        You hate MTNMAN for criticizing Jake.

        And we respect you for what reason? Please stick to football and let your personal vendettas stay personal. PM people and not make it public.

        There are many people on this board that I don't agree with their opinions but that does not mean that with a computer keyboard I will personally attack their character and neither should anyone else. In fact a lot of people on this board have disagreed with me but I still count them as friends.

        There are many people on this board that have made friends with one another and when you attack them on a personal level it is not forgotten.

        Come on BigShay you have some good posts and good football knowledge, so write and enjoy yourself, but leave the personal attacks out of it.

        Let's agree to disagree on subjects and respect one another.
        Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12