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Off season prospects...How is Denver improving?

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  • Off season prospects...How is Denver improving?

    No, we got a 18 million dollar signing bonus for a corner that made two int's last year who would of been a free agent anyway.

    Other than that, we resigned some players allready on the roster.

    Look at the bright side, we have a whole bunch of players in NFLE that we can pray about.

    Maybe we can draft a Travis McGriff clone in the second round....oops, we have one in Q.

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    the only reason i replied is, i wasted 15sec of my life reading that babble and wanted u all to know it!

    JIM is the man!!

    "Listen to the footsteps of those who have gone before you. They speak to you of honor and the importance of duty. They remind you of your traditions." Casper W. Weinberger


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      Bailey was franchised. He wouldn't have hit the FA market!


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        So what?

        So we bit on a franchised player?

        He's still a free agent, Portis wasn't.

        We also paid 8 million more in signing bonus. If Portis gets hurt, they can pull the plug.

        We paid way more for a good corner than a franchise RB!

        By 8 million! If Portis blows his knee out, they are out 10 million.

        If Champ blows his knee out we are out 18.


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          Given our luck with CB it's worth it. QG will do just fine.


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            At the college level.

            He can't break an arm tackle in the pros. Do you know the actuall difference in total length between a 5-7 back and a 6-1 back?

            It's almost a whole foot. It doesn't matter if the kid has good hands, you have to put it into a zone that he can catch it.

            Expect alot of passes over his head. And dont even tell me he can break tackles or pass block, that is a joke.

            I saw a player bowl him over like a weeble, and a pass go right over his head, and an arm tackle take him down like a rag doll.

            Your all delusional homers.

            So he ran on the track in Indy for what. Indy's defense sucks.

            Let's see how he does in the mud, between the tackles.


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              the only thing good is we "might" be able to find a RB.

              It's all the "system" right?

              Well, the system just left to Atlanta.


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                Listen up cat, he's built like barry sanders, he has low center of gravity and did you see that sick juke move he pulled in the Indy game? He's going to be great plus he's not the least bit ****y.


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                  Then why is Denver wanting a washed up Garner? Too rich?

                  This is humorous. Go dream about the midget and tell me all about Barry Sanders who never played on a winning team.


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                    You need a RB who can burst thru the hole and finish his run.

                    We had a RB who could burst thru the hole and break it to the bank.

                    There isn't a player on the roster that can do either right now. Q can break thru the hole but can't finish his run. Whatever you say. I have seen him. College isn't the pros. They have whipped him around like a rag doll.

                    Go be delusional.


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                      One man can't do it alone! Barry is a top five back. Elway was the greatest but he couldn't win the super bowl till he got a little help. Besides little guys can run through little holes.


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                        What is mighty mouse going to do when there isn't a hole?



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                          We will see if Galloway or Sapp can assert themselves. I was pretty big on Sapp on the draft, maybe he can put the beast behind the bunny of Q. I am pretty nervous.

                          I'm just nervous...on to the next thread.


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                            How come we did not try for shawn springs so we could of kept portis. Springs is just as good as Bailey and a lillte cheaper.Or get springs and try to trade oneal for orlandis gary that would have been a little cheaper.Why not trying for gary no one said any thing about him.He did well for us when he played.


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                              Originally posted by bronco_head
                              How come we did not try for shawn springs so we could of kept portis.
                              What all you people who keep crying about Portis leaving don't realize is it would have done us no good to keep him if he holds out like he said he would.

                              I would rather have a top 3 corner who is playing than a top 3 rb who is sitting out.