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Tatum on the trading block???

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    if he does get traded it just continues my wierd jersey trend.

    every time I get a Bronco jersey the player leaves, I got an Elway jersey in 98, TD b4 he finished, Sharpe, Portis and now possibly Bell!! I need to stop buying jerseys lol
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      Well this just proves it is "off-season" for the Sports Writers also. They also are trying to sell papers... I see nothing of anyone in the Bronco Organization commenting on this. I do not see Mike S. saying this.

      Tatum I hope will be given this year to see if he can be the starter... I think that he should go in to training camp as being the starter because that was the way it was when the Broncos had their last game.

      Tatum does give us that "home run" ability to take it to the house every play. He does follow his blockers well and when he gets in the open field he is GONE. He has some good moves and I think it would be a huge mistake to trade him. He is a great change of pace back if nothing else...
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