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Chris Brown trade?

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  • Chris Brown trade?

    Is there any interest on the Broncos part to attempt to obtain Brown from the Titans?

    He'd be a perfect fit as a replacement for Portis.

    They could offer the 2nd pick they obtain from the Redskins. This year's draft is supposed to be weak for RB.

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    RE: Chris Brown

    Is there a rumor goin around about the broncos wanting Brown, or is that just somethin youd think would be good? I went to high school with Brown and Justin McCareins at Naperville North, so having one of those guys on the team would be awesome
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      Brown trade

      No rumor. Just wishful thinking on my part.

      Too bad the Brocos didn't package a trade for both Brown and McCareins. They're both very good players.

      Since Brown went to CU, I thought it might be a possibility.

      Staley signed with the Steelers and Garners witht eh Bucs. There's not alot of RBs out there.

      I've eseen a mock draft webpage suggesting the Broncos take Greg Jones-RB from Florida State U. in the 2nd round. He's s bruiser like Bettis and can catch the ball out of the backfield.

      I guess Anderson will be the main RB this season.


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        I would love to see Kevin Jones play in Denver.
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          Don't forget #22. He's very capable of being the man.
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