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    Originally posted by broncofan303
    hehe..don't mean to dis on the media, but generally that's what the media is notorious for, overrating players and getting top stories just for people's attention..
    Yep, I agree. They sure helped Champ raise his stock. That line about him being the best shutdown corner and can shutdown the whole side of the field were really good ones. If all I knew about Champ was what the media said, I would have traded half the team to get him. I'm glad I don't listen to the media.


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      We need to get Corey Dillon!!!


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        Yes, but if you really watch Champ play, he is as good as most people say. His lack of ints. is a pretty key stat. He lacks them because they dont throw to who hes covering. Simpley because he will probably knock it down.

        Either way, back on topic. Im glad I found this thread I was about to start another one on this exact subject....

        I think Q is getting the job done, I mean, we can take any back and turn them into a monster. Without a doubt our system is the most runner friendly in the league.


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          now clinton is overrated?

          he's overrated? there are alot of you guys that are really upset about him opening his mouth at the probowl. i didn't remember anybody saying he was overrated when he busted up KC in denver or when he carried the ball for 34 times against the browns or was one of the few Rb to get 100 yards against NE. the line gets credit no doubt i love the denver line but don't discredit portis abilties like he's was a nobody. the guy had over 3000 yrds in two years with last year avg 5.5 yrds a carry the highest ever. anderson,gary or davis never did that. if your pissed off with him that's fine but to say he's overrated is like to say you didn't watch the last two years. oh by the way real football fans that watch every game don't need the media to tell the when a player is good or not so that's BS that the media makes him out to be better than he is. i live in the northeast and there are alot of fans of other teams that feel the portis was too good to let go. are you telling me that those fans are being totally influenced by the media? i can find a lot of people that are fans of other teams that would love to have portis on thier team not because the denver line made him look good but because he's a good ass running back.
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