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Ravens Sign DE Trevor Pryce!!

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    Originally posted by jvw
    why do people only look at sacks when a player is evaluated? the only reason champ had all those picks was because pryce was bringing pressure to the QB's. I hope the rest of his career is successful, except when he plays the broncos
    I you believe that, I've got a great bridge I'd like to sell 'ya!

    The Broncos blitzed the passer almost all the time this season. They brought 6, 7, sometimes even 8 or 9 rushers. They blitzed John Lynch a LOT from his safety position (he had 4 sacks, tied for the team lead), they blitzed off the end with a CB and dropped the safeties into coverage. They looped Ian Gold around and blitzed him! They blitzed the water boy and the towel boy! The brought the driver off the team bus and blitzed him!

    And all that pressure DID help Champ have a career year with 8 picks. But, it teams started planning for the Broncos all out blitzes and in the end it caught up with the team when Pittsburgh picked up the blitz and consistently made big plays on third downs in the Championship game.

    The nine Broncos DL had a grand total of 16 sacks on the entire year! That's utterly pitiful! Pathetic! Anemic!
    Wobbly limbed and Weak-kneed! "Girly Man!" Sad-sack! (Pun intended)! The Broncos DL were 98-lbs.-weaklings who-got-sand-kicked-in-their-faces! They were the skinny new kid who got his head stuffed in the toilet after gym class! The class bullies waited after school and gave them a "super-wedgie" by hanging them by their underwear from a tree-limb! The tougher boys roughed them up, slapped them around, and stole their lunch money!

    IF the Broncos DL were a high-school kid, his girl would dump him and his dog would disown him!