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    Well, he has thrown 20 yards his whole career...:p

    Who knows, maybe we'll turn him into another Elway...


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      Originally posted by Jim
      So why did we sign this Mike Quinn fella? To replace Kanell?
      dollar sale? i can't figure it out.
      go broncos
      share the sidewalk
      liberty > safety . . . ron paul '12!


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        Originally posted by mattos
        dollar sale? i can't figure it out.
        CAn he be any worse than Kanell or Jackson? Besides, just because we sign 'em doesn't mean we have to play 'em. Shanny's style is to get a bunch of people that look good onto the practice field and see how they do.


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          Originally posted by Return of Lava
          lol i think you mean

          bailey walls herndon middlebrooks, spencer or mcneil(if we sign them, THEn turner, i think turner is just for special teams right, did he play last year on defense?
          we signed him late last year w/ bout 4-5 games left last year n yes he played on special teams...he prolly get a chance 2 compete 4 the nickel spot....


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            Mike Quinn? Well, he sure isn't the Mighty Quinn!
            If someone uses one of your quotes, it really means that they agree with it and they're upset they didn't get the chance to say it first---- Dave Navarro 1991

            The main reason I don't like the Bronco's is because every time I see their logo it reminds me of my drunk boyfriend who used to write his name in the snow with his urine then belch the letters of Elway's name----- Sandra Bernhard 1993


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              "Denver is uncertain who its backup quarterback will be, but it has a new candidate to throw into the mix as it signed former Houston quarterback Mike Quinn, who spent the past four games last season with the Texans. A seven-year NFL veteran, Quinn has bounced from Pittsburgh to Dallas to Miami to Houston, playing four NFL games and completing 2-of-3 passes for 20 yards."

              -- D.Post
              Woo Hoo! 2 of 3 for 20 yards after 7 years as a nondescript free agent! I can just hear the Hall of Fame calling, can't you?

              In the old days this was called "signing bodies" to run practices with. Wait till this guy makes the final roster before wasting anymore "ink" on him or endlessly discussing his "potential." If he can be the next Jarious Jackson (emergency quarterback) that would be a plus. My money at this point is on no, he doesn't make the final roster and this is an asterisk to the 2004 season.