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  • Info on Dillon from a Cincy fan

    I am a Bengals fan who has been reading yor message board to try to find out more info about Denvers interest in Dillon. I keep hearing a lot of people talk about how Dillon is washed up he played for a terrible team and who can't rush for a 1000 yards whe you carrie the ball 40 times...Well, someone needs to look at the stats, because Dillon has a carreer yards per carry average of 4.3 and averages 1300 yards a year, and and thats even with last years numbers included. Trust me, you would love to have this guy, he is an absolute warrior!!! He could easily run for 1300 to 1500 yards behind the Broncos front line!!! I have attended the Bengals training camp for the past seven years and nobody goes as hard as he does. Everytime he ran a play he would sprint to the end zone even though everyone else would go 10 yards and go back to the huddle. The reason the Bengals want to trade him is because he thinks of himself and his stats first! Because of this, the fans have turned on him, and once that happens he has to go, but i think a change of scenery and Shanahan can cure that!!! Trust me, you will be happy to have him as a Bronco...and if he does become a bronco I bet everyone it talking about what a steal he was at the end of the upcoming season!!! Good luck Denver...Go Bengals!!!

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    First, let me congratulate you ( and your team ) for finally getting into the "winning season" column. I was very impressed with the improvement Cincy showed this season and am certain they will continue this trend. A few more years and who knows ???

    I don't think any one is doubting Dillon's abilities, nor what he could do here in Denver. I think the problem is that he is getting a bit long in the tooth. This coupled with the Salary Cap problems we are looking at ( both now and for future years ), would limit us to signing him for at best 3 years. This might be nothing more than a band aid to an immediate issue. Our line ( as good as it is ) can boast that we've taken 6 players in the last 9 years to the 1k yards mark ( My facts may be incorrect, but I'm close ). Unfortunately, we lost the best o-line coach in the game this year to Atlanta and to put it bluntly... our line is getting up there in years as well.

    I think mgmt might be thinking that our best bet is to take what we have in our young RB's, let them mature into the position, and focus more on developing talent & adding depth to our line in key positions. Just my thoughts. Good luck to you next season and feel free to stop by from time to time.

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      I'd take Dillon in a heartbeat. I'd even give up a second to get him. Then it would be like trading Portis for Bailey and Dillon. I don't know why people are down on him. There were plenty of naysayers about Jake Plummer before he came here, I see some similarities in their situations.


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        Originally posted by BroncoMatt
        I'd take Dillon in a heartbeat. I'd even give up a second to get him. Then it would be like trading Portis for Bailey and Dillon. I don't know why people are down on him. There were plenty of naysayers about Jake Plummer before he came here, I see some similarities in their situations.
        I don't remember Jake being a cry baby with AZ. That's all Dillon has been for the last 4 years.
        Just play the game, cash your big azz checks and shut the hell up.

        That should be a slogan some where.....hmmmmm!
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          I've said this before in another thread. Dillon is a great back, there's no doubt about it. The only problem is, there are too many other glaring needs at other positions in whcih that 2nd round pick should go towards. If we could throw in a deltha oneal and maybe a 3rd or fourth round pick that would be perfect. I just don't think he's worth a second round pick because he won't be in Denver for very long, 3 years max.

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            That's what it comes down to.....attitude. If Dillon came and proved he can be a leader & team player, and not just a "ME, ME, ME" runningback, I would say let's get em'

            WE DON'T NEED A T.O.!!

            I guess after last years impressive season, we can't call you guys the BUNGELS anymore. Good for Cincy! Keep up the good work! GO BRONCOS!!


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              I must say congrats to cincy also, heck of a season. ( even though we wupped them in the first game. lol. ):p


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                Hello fellow Buckeye. I was born in Hamilton and lived in Greenhills. I still have family all around the Cincy area. I moved to Denver when I was 13 in 1975 and have loved the Broncos ever since.

                It was a pleasure watching the Bengals every week last season (NFL Ticket....gotta love it). I completely agree with your analysis of Dillon. He is a warrior and deserves a chance to be on a winning team. I am glad that Marvin named Rudi as the starter. He will have a very successful career barring injury. With the new attitude and younger plan, Dillon I would think would only be a distraction at this point and if we can have him for 3 years, then I would take him.

                The people complaining about Dillon's attitude is justified I suppose but he was the leader of that team for years with no support around him including the coaching staff. His complaining was stemmed from years of frustration.

                Glad things are improving in Cincy. Still haven't been to the new Paul Brown stadium yet but I might be out that way this coming Thanksgiving. Hope there is a home game that weekend.

                WHO DEY WHO DEY! Unless Broncos and Bengals meet in the playoffs.
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                  i think dillons on his way to oakland


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                    Dillon would be good in Denver

                    Like BroncoMatt posted below, I'd take Dillon in a heartbeat. He's the same type of downhill runner that TD and Portis were only bigger. He beat us up a few years back to set the single game record! I think the bad rap on the guy is just that, he is not happy losing even with Lewis coming into Cincy and turning that team around he wants a shot at the playoffs and a ring NOW, not in a few years.


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                      Corey Dillon would be great for us, the guys numbers over his career speak for themselves & you have to consider what he did was on a very bad team for his whole career until last season, so imagine just what he could do in denver. I'll go out on a limb & say he could contend for the rushing title & possibly 2,000 yards.


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                        I agree


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                          AND...we would yank him away from the dreaded silver and black. They are making a big play for him to come to Oakland and I would love to see Shanny stick it to Davis once again!


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                            We have to get him. After that, all we really need is another stud receiver. Griffith won't be able to take the pounding like Dillon can. If we are going to win now, we better go after him Shanahan!


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