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The annual are we changing to 3-4 thread.

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    Originally posted by Astrass
    So what do you guys think. Seems like we are adding more depth to our LB core then we are dline this year. And we went after Warren with big numbers who was probably the best 3-4 tackle available in FA.

    This is purly opinion here, but I think it could work. If we pick up another MLB to team with Wilson (rumors are suggesting an interest in Ray Lewis, pure rumors) it would be a very potent 3-4 lb core. We already know them to be the fastest LB core in the league. We have added that LB from Cincy, and worked hard to keep burns plus I believe green is still around. So that's good depth to run a 3-4.

    Now lets talk about dline. like I said we spent good money on Warren who is said to be an ideal tackle in a 3-4. Re-signed Engleberger, and kept the rest of the Browncos. We didn't go after any star dline men (yet, but theres only like 1 left, JA) so our rotation is thinner unless we run a 3-4.

    Now let me address that trade rumor about Lewis. The suggested rumor is Ray Lewis for one of our Oline men (either lepsis or foster). I believe so far Balt has lost 3 of their oline. It is now very thin and they will need someone. We produce some of the best offensive line men in the league. With Mike Anderson now in Balt he may be making a case for Foster or Lepsis as well. SO I believe the want and need in Balt for one of our oline is valid.

    Here is how I could see this work (please forgive me for not researching numbers, I have to look like I'm working =P). Ray Lewis for George Foster with maybe some late round picks involved. Some of you would naturaly think "What about our oline?". Here is my solution: San Francisco is in need or quality players to build on. They have the 6th pick which would almost guarentee us a shot at any Oline rookie available. We trade our two 1st rounders for their 6th overall pick (with maybe some late round pick involved). Not only could we get a stud like D'brick but we would in reality be saving money and equaly as important, cap space. I think it would cost less to sign one high 1rst round pick then 2 late first round picks.

    Okie, gotta get back to work. just keep in mind that I could really care less if this were to happen or not but it's something I've observed and find as an interesting subject to discuss.

    Warren is NOT a 3-4 Dlineman....never has been...never will be. So says Warren! So understood, Crennel.

    The rest of your 'idea' isn't much better....
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      The top 3 defenses last year (total defense):
      1- Tampa Bay
      2- Chicago
      3- Carolina

      All run 4-3 defenses. Denver doesent need to switch schemes, they need to execute a little better.
      You've got to know when to sack em...