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    Originally posted by BlueDamsel
    Nelson laugh "Ha Ha".../simpsons

    JK. That is *always* embarrassing is it not? When I lived down in NM this guy that I lived in the same dorms as & I were always wrestling (not like that you pervs). He was on the rugby team & had to quit from all the concussions I gave him...oops. They weren't on purpose, we'd just be roughhousing & I'd end up flipping around & he'd smack into a wall or something, or I'd throw him--that was always fun...being that I'm 5'5 & he was 6'3ish. hehe.
    yeah it is embarrassing, but for some reason I like it. I might need to see a doctor or something.
    Rivers, Suck it long suck it hard.

    You too Cutler.


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      yea my wife is awsome as hell.. she wont wrestle around with me anymore. last time we did, i had her on the floor and was tickling the hell out of her, and she kicked me in the nose and almost broke it lol. i didnt feel to bad, im 6'4" and she is 5'8", but she is a black belt hehe.

      dhall, i would take her to a chiefs game, but she wouldnt go. she knows i would wear my broncso stuff and my 1yr old daughter would wear her bronco chearleader outfit, and she is affraid of the fans being mean!

      JIM is the man!!

      "Listen to the footsteps of those who have gone before you. They speak to you of honor and the importance of duty. They remind you of your traditions." Casper W. Weinberger