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    I love the term "Gateway drug" what a joke. It seems to imply that if pot wasn't around no one would do hard core drugs. It is stupid and a lie. If you care about your children and the youth of America TELL THEM THE TRUTH. Pot is less detrimental than tabacco and drinking and should be leagalized. If pot was leagal I'd smoke, but since it is not I can't. It is retarded to suspend Mike for pot, it isn't performance enhancement therefore has no impact on the game!!


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      Maybe Mike should kick the ref's some pot...maybe that would help their vision (block in the back)...

      The "New Black Sabbath"


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        Re: Broncos4ever

        Originally posted by gr8moose
        In the work you do with kids or addicts who have marijauna problems, do you see other factors besides the pot influencing their decisions and problems? I have known lots of folks through my travels, work and experience - the general thing I have noticed is that most poeple with addiction problems tend to have those problems as symptoms of greater problems.

        If you lose your job, or in the case get suspended because of being invlolved in an activity it is because of your actioons, not because of an addiction.

        If it is not weed, then it is alcohol, aometimes it is just laziness or stupidity. I know people exist that don't touch any mood altering or intoxicating substances, yet their personal lives and relationships are ripe with problems. Abuse, laziness, sometimes just completely insociable and unable to process common sense. They have relationsships as bad as any addict because they are dumb or have a missconnection in their brains. How else can you explain rooting for the Chiefs? >

        Seriously Drug abuse, as other forms of obsessive or abusive personality traits are only symptoms for a real and deeper problem. Sure someone who doesn't want to live up to their responsibilities and hides in a green haze all the time is gonna have problems, but the weed isn't really the cause of it, is it.
        Oh sure there is a root problem and it is covered with the addiction. It always starts out small and if you let it or if you can't control it then it becomes large. (Skid-row drunks will tell you they are not alcoholics, for example)
        My point is since "pot" is illegal, there can be consequences for smoking it, whomever decides to smoke it will have to deal with the consequences.
        Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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          Re: Re: Broncos4ever

          Originally posted by broncos4ever
          My point is since "pot" is illegal, there can be consequences for smoking it, whomever decides to smoke it will have to deal with the consequences.
          seems like that's exactly as it happened, too... someone smoked it, or was around enough of it to become concerned enough to mention it, and WHAMMO... it IS medicinally legal in CO, yes?... seems as I traced that from somewhere... 'course that has nothing to do with the league's policies... and, well, there it is... ...