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Is it just me ? Or did we robbed 'em

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    Nope. I think that they are just waiting for the bell to start the next round.


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      Pease just tell me I'm nuts...

      Walk with me here, and tell me why this won't happen....
      *Mike Anderson: GONE
      *Ron Dayne Starting back: good change up, but not full time starter.
      *Re-sign all of the offensive linemen
      *Move up to get the 15th pick retaining the 22nd
      (ok this is where I need help)
      *15th and 22nd pick to Houston (Kubiak) for the #1 aka Reggie Bush
      I know this is nuts, can you all tel lme now why?
      I cant get it out of my head
      We get Bush (obvious) Houston gets two picks to take the offensive protection that David Carr needs so badly and that Kubiak is used to operating an offense with.
      Just thinkinkg out loud here,
      Let the rumor dispelling begin!!!

      Loved that!!!


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        Originally posted by KMA
        I know this is nuts, can you all tel lme now why?
        Because there is no way in hell that we pay a RB the salary demands of a first round pick that is why.

        Aunt Bea, from TV's "Andy Griffith Show" could rumble on for at least 800 yards p/y in Denver, we will NEVER pay a back that kind of money.

        [SIZE=1][B]Adopted Bronco:Kenard Lang