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League considers rules alterations

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  • League considers rules alterations

    Don't know how or if this would affect anything, but it would speed up the game a little. Also it says on the bottom:

    "The committee also is considering an annual proposal from the Kansas City Chiefs to expand the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams."

    I find that pretty funny
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    What a bunch of panzillas

    Of course if this helps the Broncos make it then I'm all for it


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      I think expanding the playoff teams is a good idea no matter if the Chiefs are pushing that idea.


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        I say keep it the way it is. I don't want basically half the league making the playoffs. It's only for the elites.


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          The playoffs are fine just the way they are. Note to the Chefs - win enough games to get you into the playoffs - don't ask to slide in.

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            I don't want to expand it at all.

            As it is 37.5% of the teams in the NFL make it.

            Adding two teams moves the percentage to 43.75%.

            That's pretty dang close to half the league. What kind of professional league invites half the teams to the playoffs?

            Make it something worth earning.
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              KEEP THINGS THE SAME!

              The Chiefs are sore losers, and cry babies. Not justtheir F/O, but their fans (not KcLadyFan) but the rest that come on here at least. "it's a shame when a team can win this many games and miss the playoffs." One poster said some months back... bull crap! You win when you should... you're in! You lose at a bad time... you're out!

              The "make or break" aspect within a division is what makes things so good. Start catering to everyone's little moans and groans, and before long the competetiveness that IS the NFL, becomes some watered down Pop-Warner, where you deserve a trophy even IF you lose... pathetic.

              How many times have we suffered the exact same fate? Sure it hurts sitting at home during the off-season, but that doesn't mean the rules should change to accomadate your suck team, not being able to win their division and solidify a place in the playoffs.

              Get off it already Chiefies... this is beyond sad.
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                Originally posted by Snk16
                It's only for the elites.
                I agree, if they were to do anything they should make less teams in the playoffs
                (our broncos should be fine)

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                  In a one-game-decides-the-series playoff system, you need to adequately reward the teams that perform the best in the regular season. At the moment we have a really good balance. If we change it, only one team gets a bye week, which makes the playoff positioning race less exciting.

                  I'm strongly against it.

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                    No way should they extend it! Just because the chefs arent good enought to get in the playoffs doesnt mean we should extend the amount to help them get in. If they are not good enought, they are not good enought. Wait till next year.
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                      If the Chefs get their way with this, and they still can't get in the playoffs, their next move will be to have all the teams in the playoffs - that way they will be sure to make the playoffs.

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                        The committee also is considering an annual proposal from the Kansas City Chiefs to expand the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams.

                        Did everyone catch the word "annual"? This means that the Chiefs bring this up yearly. What is funny also is it said the Chiefs bring it up, no one else.

                        I would hate to see the playoffs change, I would agree with most of the posters here, the league needs to keep this at 12 and whomever gets in, gets in. There are always deserving teams that miss it by just a little, but that is the reason why teams have to win the games on their home field and they have to raise up to the competition.

                        It is like the NFC last year. It really did not matter whom from the AFC Championship won the NFC was not up to the level of competition and would get beat no matter who won from the NFC.

                        To water down the playoffs would be tragic and make them less special.
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                          The committee also wants to change the rule on hits by defenders below the knee on quarterbacks. McKay said defensive players will be told they must make an effort to avoid hitting QBs in the legs to avoid serious injuries, like the hit on Cincinnati's Carson Palmer against the Steelers in the playoffs.

                          Hmmmmm......... You can't hit above the shoulders now they want to rule out the legs. Next a QB will get hit in the jock they will want to ban the waist and lower. Then one will break a rib and guess what's touch football.
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                            Crazy idea in...

                   opinion. Once the league expanded to 32 teams I hoped it would be just division winners then. I now like it as it stands. Unfortunately for Kansas City, they seem to be desperate for the post season. The only one they were in of recent ended in a huge dissappoinment for a 13-3 team. Having an offense as productive as they have been the last several years is quite the accomplishment. I can understand why they are frustrated. They had a coach that took his two other teams to the SuperBowl but nothing seems to work right for them year after year when it comes to making the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl. It is a very short year when your team fails to make the playoffs. As Denver Broncos fans we know - we have been there too. When you fail to win games like Kansas City did against the Broncos in Denver and when they played Philadelphia this past season and look as horrible as they did in those two games, they don't deserve to be in the playoffs. Every team has their good days and their bad days and some days will result in wins, some in losses. There is no excuse for how bad the Chiefs lost those two Sundays, but if they hadn't "stunk it up," so badly then maybe my opinion of their "request to the NFL" would be different. As it is, it just seems an act of desperation by one team to level the playing field so that they can look better than they are.
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                              I guess they dont feel like they will be winning the division anytime soon so they push for a new rule that lets the bubble teams in??? thats pretty weak, even for them.
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