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    Originally posted by BroncoFanCam

    The Chiefs are sore losers, and cry babies. Not justtheir F/O, but their fans (not KcLadyFan) but the rest that come on here at least. "it's a shame when a team can win this many games and miss the playoffs." One poster said some months back... bull crap! You win when you should... you're in! You lose at a bad time... you're out!

    The "make or break" aspect within a division is what makes things so good. Start catering to everyone's little moans and groans, and before long the competetiveness that IS the NFL, becomes some watered down Pop-Warner, where you deserve a trophy even IF you lose... pathetic.

    How many times have we suffered the exact same fate? Sure it hurts sitting at home during the off-season, but that doesn't mean the rules should change to accomadate your suck team, not being able to win their division and solidify a place in the playoffs.

    Get off it already Chiefies... this is beyond sad.

    hey BFC, stop messing around and tell us how you really feel!!

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      Originally posted by dogfish
      hey BFC, stop messing around and tell us how you really feel!!

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        There was once a year where an 11-5 team missed the playoffs. Back then, there were only five playoff seeds. Since then, the playoffs have been expanded to six seeds.

        During that fifteen year stretch, only four teams have missed making the playoffs with a record as good as 10-6.

        During that time, only one team has won the Superbowl as the sixth seed. In fact, only one team has made it to a conference championship game in that time. That sixth seed did not have the worst record in the playoffs.

        The idea of the current system is to get the best team in each division into the post-season to determine which is really the best. This works pretty well because each team has the same schedule except for two games in which they play teams based on their finishing the year before.

        Of course, occasionally, a good team will finish with the second best record in the division. Examples of this is the Pittsburgh Steelers of 2005 who had the same record as the division winner, but still didn't win the division or the Denver Broncos of 1997 who were second in the division despite posting a good 12-4 record. (Actually, this was back when there were only three divisions and when the schedule differences of teams in the same division were much greater.)

        The wild card is a good system to let all of the quality teams into the playoffs that certainly do deserve it.

        In some years, it requires a better record to make it to the post-season, but it isn't that deserving teams miss the playoffs, it's that undeserving teams sometimes make the playoffs. I mean, it has been somewhat common to see 9-7 teams make the playoffs. Do such teams really deserve to make the playoffs?? I mean, they just barely won more games than they lost and historically have done nothing in the playoffs. Even 10-6 teams have hardly ever done well in the playoffs.

        Of the wild card teams that have made it to the Superbowl, none has ever had a record worse than 11-5.

        So, as it stands, teams that tend to have a chance at the Superbowl (Those with a 11-5 or better record) have made the playoffs with no exceptions since there have been six seeds.

        There is no real good reason to expand the number of teams making the playoffs. Unless you'd like us to go the way of the NBA where mediocre teams make the playoffs on a regular basis and the playoffs last forever and are not nearly as exciting.

        To be fair, the Chiefs have been pushing this on years other than those when they barely miss the playoffs.
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          Originally posted by diesel51
          I don't want to expand it at all.

          As it is 37.5% of the teams in the NFL make it.

          Adding two teams moves the percentage to 43.75%.

          That's pretty dang close to half the league. What kind of professional league invites half the teams to the playoffs?

          Make it something worth earning.
          The NBA!

          Too many teams in the playoffs makes the regular season essentially meaningless, like the NBA's. If we add two more teams what happens in the many years when their are barely 12 teams who deserve to get in. Bad idea, really bad idea!
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            Personnaly there should be no reason for any team to make the playoffs with less than a 10-6 record.

            I also think in some of the mediocre divisions if they don't have this 10-6 the top 12 teams in the league go period. Some one with a 9-7 record should not be rewarded with a playoff spot if there is 12 better teams even if they win the first place in their division.

            I might even tighten it up to the top 10 teams that is still thirty +% of the teams in the playoffs.


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              Originally posted by Broncos724

              Don't know how or if this would affect anything, but it would speed up the game a little. Also it says on the bottom:

              "The committee also is considering an annual proposal from the Kansas City Chiefs to expand the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams."

              I find that pretty funny
              OMG chiefs are stupide....just cuz they suck.