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What is our biggest need still

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    well. . .

    Originally posted by DENVER_LOYAL
    with warren , ekuban, Myers and Brown , we should get the pass rush we need

    without looking it up, i'm pretty sure none of those guys has ever had a double-digit sack season-- none of 'em is a premier pass rusher. lang has averaged 4 sacks a year over his career, exactly what trevor had last year, so it's fair to assume that our pass rush will be about the same this year as it was last year-- sorry!!

    why would replacing pryce with land be considered an upgrade? what makes you say we should get the pass rush we need with these guys when they're the same guys who couldn't get it done last year?
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      Short and sweet.

      We need a DE, TE and WR. If we get good players in each of these positions, we have a very good chance of going and winning the Superbowl.
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        I can't believe we're up to six ex-Browns on our D-Line. It's getting even more ridiculous than before. =P And that doesn't even count Patterson. Jeez.

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          WR WR WR WR


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            Even though he's not my favorite player, signing Lange gives the Broncos a pass rushing guy on third down. Pryce or Lange. Take your pick. Not a big loss or gain here in my book though. We also have Corey Jackson and from everything I've heard, he might fit in here too.WR, we still haven't heard much of Terrell and I think you'll see the guy play this year. We lose Putzier, but Duke is in the wings. I still see him as a project but certainly has some talent. I don't like our O line because I don't think they pass protect well enough and D'Brick would be great, but that's just wishful thinking. They're not going to pick him because that position isn't our biggest need. I still think our biggest need is DT, and man, if you had a guy like Ngata sitting there, that monster demands two or three guys on him and this alone frees up a DE for single coverage and a stronger pass rush. Besides, guys like that wear down a team. But, here again the Broncos don't have that high enough pick.